Audio Technica LP 120-USB Review

Audio Technica is one of the leading brands selling turntables with a 50-year heritage. The brand is preferred by most of the DJ’s as it produces excellent sound quality and controls mixing. They are chosen for their advanced technology and innovative features. It comes in different variants with distinct features. One among them is the Audio Technica LP120- USB version. In this article, we have taken care to review all the possible aspects of this particular product. Continue reading to know more about the product.

Audio Technica LP 120-USB Review


The product is made of the metal exterior which makes it heavier. The buttons and the knobs present in the product are designed to look luxurious. It shows the presence of the thin feet which is loaded with the spring in order to absorb vibrations. The tone arm is made with metal to offer smooth performance. It also has a platter made of aluminum which comes with a dust cover.

On the board of the turntable, it has buttons which display On/Off along with a selection button which helps in the switching of the speeds. It also features a pitch selector to adjust between 10- 20%. Further, the presence of the reverse button enables the platter to spin in the reverse direction. The product comes in two different colors; black and silver.

Remarkable Specs

It uses direct drive system with a high torque DC motor and hence it can be operated manually and are not automatic. It is capable of playing records with a speed of 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM.

It is made with an aluminum platter with die casting to avoid resonance. It also comes attached with a slip mat to enable the record to be seated perfectly. In addition to that, the stylus tip is made of diamond to ensure long life. The platter also has a speed indicator.

It is capable of reproducing sound with a pitch distortion of less than 0.2% WRMS at 33 RPM.  It delivers relative signal strength of ratio greater than 50 dB with respect to the background noise level.

It corrects the amplification and inputs to the pre-amplifier at 1.5 mV nominal in 1 KHz, 5 cm/sec and equalizes the different frequencies reproduced from the magnetic cartridges such that they out to be flat.

They have been built to be compatible with USB function offering the version of USB 1.1 and is made to be compatible with the operating system of windows, and Mac.

The product comes with the RCA output, 45 RPM adapter, and a removable head shell.

Assembly Of The Tone Arm

Further, the product has a tone arm which is S-shaped; it helps in balancing the records with the help of the adjustable counterbalance. The cylindrical weight present helps in setting the tracking force. To the side, it has hydraulically damped cue lever which helps in lifting the arm up and down. In addition to that, it is equipped with a lock made of place to keep the tone arm in place.

The Recording Software

With this turntable, recording software named Audacity is made available. The Audacity software has to be input manually before initiating the record. Following which, the record button has to be pressed and the play on record button has to be hit. Now, the software starts converting.

In case if the records are played with pauses in the middle of the tracks, the software recognizes them and split them as a separate track. Once the software has finished converting, the tracks are ready to be categorized and the metadata can be set accordingly to help you organize the tracks in the library.

Audio Technica LP 120-USB

Key features: built in pre-amp, diamond stylus, direct drive system

Pros: Quality sound, Affordable, Easy assembly, Easy adjustments

Our Recommendation

With the above review, we recommend the product to those who are in search of a DJ turntable and not for home listening. Even though it is a manual turntable, it is easy to use and also comes with an additional feature of digitization. Devoid of the speakers built in, it is capable of producing excellent sound quality. Irrespective of all these defects, it is definitely worth purchasing as it is affordable.

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