Basics Of A Turntable-Beginner’s Guide

The turntable is a device, which is used to play the music using the vinyl recorder or phonograph. The turntables are used for many years since it is common from ancient days. The modern turntables have many advanced features, and it offers complete support to the person.

Basics Of A Turntable-Beginner’s Guide

There are two types of turntables they are; manual turntables and automatic turntables. The automatic turntable works automatically without any manual support and the manual turntables require manual support completely. For a beginner, the following guide will help in knowing the basics of a turntable.

Basic Components Of A Turntable

As a beginner, you should always know about the basic components of the turntable. The important basic components of the turntable are listed below.


The platter is the rotating component of the turntable. The platter is connected to the motor either, directly or indirectly. In some turntables, the motor is placed on the platter and connected directly without any interface. Such turntables are referred as directly driven turntables. Some other turntables have the motor at the side and have a belt, connecting the platter and motor. This model is referred as a belt driven turntable. Both the models are useful and drive the platter effectively.


The plinth is referred as the base of the turntable and is made up of strong and durable material. The common materials used as plinth are; the strong wood, plastic, and durable aluminum to maintain stability.


The next important part of the turntable is the tone arm. The tonearm is nothing but the arm-like structure that swings over the records. This arm is moveable and is made up of aluminum of ceramic.


The housing support for the stylus is the cartridge and the needle of the turntable is referred as a stylus. The stylus is placed over the record for playing music. Generally, diamond tipped needle is used as a stylus for effective performance.

Checklist For Buying A Turntable

The following features of turntable should be kept in mind before buying a turntable.

Check Out The Drive

Before buying a turntable, check out the drive methods. There are two drive methods; the direct method, or the belt-driven. The direct drive motor can spin reverse and offers higher efficiency than the belt driven motor. Belt driven motor is also useful and it has many features.

Manual And Automatic

As mentioned above, there are two models of the turntable; manual and automatic. When compared to the manual one, automatic turntables offer a high level of comfort to the user. As a beginner, the automatic turntable will suit you the best.

Speeds Of A Turntable

The turntable should operate at various speeds, and it should also support all types of vinyl players. Some turntable has no speed adaptation and they can only read and play only the prescribed vinyl records. Such turntables should be completely avoided from use.

USB Adaptation

The turntable should support USB adaptation. This USB allows the turntable to interface with mobile phones and PC and helps to play the MP3 music on those devices.

These are the various important basic features and points that a beginner should keep on mind before buying and using a turntable. If you have any queries, please post it to our page. We will reach you as soon as possible.

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