Basics Of Vinyl Records Collection

Do you have any idea about how to collect the vinyl records? The vinyl collection had occupied a special place in the music world. From the youngsters to older people almost all are interested in collecting the vinyl records.  Collecting the vinyl records is considered as a major hobby for the students. You should buy the best one which is free from scratch, breaks, and other such damages.

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Collecting the vinyl records as a beginner seems to be the toughest job. You can start your collections from records shop or online. If you read the following points, you can get a clear idea on how to begin your vinyl record collection.

Choosing The Turntable

Before purchasing the records, you should select the good turntable for playing the records. On selecting the turntable, you should examine that it is being equipped with the special features. Many models are available. Among them, you need to choose the best one.

Why Should I Buy vinyl Records?

People like to listen to the music of vinyl records as it seems to produce the superior quality of sound. Most of the CDs and DVDs can’t produce the audio signals as good as the vinyl collection. It is used to produce a clear sound to the listeners.


Some of the record players are available at low cost, while others are available at a higher rate. You should buy the records based on the budget you plan. As a new buyer, you can purchase low-cost records and replace it with the expensive ones later.

Buying The Records

There are various places to purchase the records. They include,

Record Stores

The people who wish to buy a record should visit the record store and can buy the one which suits their needs. By viewing the record collections, you can come to a decision about how to collect the records.

Vintage Stores

In the vintage stores, you can buy the smooth records without any damage. You need to inspect the records carefully while purchasing the records. Avoid buying the damaged ones which had produced more disturbances on listening to the music.

Online Purchasing

You can buy the records through online purchasing without stepping out of the home. But the only drawback is that you have to pay an extra amount for shipping.

Checking The Condition Of The Vinyl

People have to examine whether the records are in a good or in a bad condition.  The pre-owned or used vinyl records may have the problem of scratching. The scratched and the unclean records will produce only noise and not the good results. Check that the records are  clean. So, while purchasing the records, you should note these things without fail.

Condition Of The Jacket

The main thing to note while buying the vinyl is to check if the jacket of the vinyl had been worn out or not if the shop owners store the records in the wet or in dark places. In some cases, the jackets of the vinyl get damaged but, the records may be in good condition and is available at the lowest cost than the other records which are available in the market.


The grading points are being given by the owners of the shop. It varies from shop to shop. You should buy the records based on its grading.  Usually, the grading of the vinyl records is based on the mint, near mint, very good, and good. You can purchase the records according to the grading rates. It is advisable to purchase the highest grades of vinyl records than the lowest grading ones.

Handling The Records

The people should handle the records very carefully. Once it gets dropped,  the record becomes cracked and starts to break.

Storing The Records

You should keep the records in a vertical position on the shelf. Avoid keeping the records in a horizontal position i.e. don’t place the records in a flat position. It is advised to avoid placing the records one above the other. It is necessary that the records must be stored in a cool and dry place. Upon exposing the records to sunlight or placing near the heat sources, the records may get melts.

Avoid keeping the vinyl records of different sizes together.  You should take care in providing necessary gaps between each records. Also, the records of the same sizes has to be kept together.

Avoiding Moisture

Try to keep your records safe from moisture. Once it comes in contact with moisture, it gets wet and the mold tends to form on the surface of the records. In these cases, you have to remove the excess moisture and allow drying in the air.  Otherwise, the mildew appears to  form on the edges of the records.

Cleaning The Vinyl Records

You should clean the records by following the preservation tips before and after usage. You can use the soft and lint-free cloth to remove the dust from it. Soft-cotton seems to be the best choice to clean the records. Avoid using your hand to clean the small particles which are deposited on the surface of the vinyl records.

Soak the soft cloth in the mixture of isopropyl alcohol and distilled water. People must wipe the records in a circular motion from the edges to the center. You should avoid applying more pressure on it as it produces damages to the records.

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