Best Crosley Turntable Models – Reviewed

The Crosley turntable models are plug and play setup where the recorder has to be placed on the platter to get your favorite number. It is not an easy task to choose the best recorder but this article helps you to get a new one that suits you.

Best Crosley Turntable Models – Reviewed

List Of Best Crosley Turntable Models

PictureNameKey FeaturePriceOur Rating
Crosley 3 Speed Portable Cruiser TurntableLight Weighted$$3.7 Stars (3.7 / 5)
Crosley CR8005A-OR Cruiser 3 Speed Portable TurntableGood Performance$$3.7 Stars (3.7 / 5)
Crosley Traveler Cr49-Ta TurntableGood Quality Plastic$$3.7 Stars (3.7 / 5)
Crosley C200 TurntableLow Affordable$$5.0 Stars (5.0 / 5)
Crosley Cr8005a-Tu Portable Cruiser TurntableHigh Audio Output$$3.7 Stars (3.7 / 5)
Crosley Cr8005a-Tw Turntable Cruiser Less Expensive$$3.7 Stars (3.7 / 5)

Crosley 3 Speed Portable Cruiser Turntable:

This Crosley 3 speed portable turntable is a suitcase model implemented with inbuilt speakers mostly used by lots of consumers because it is easy to carry wherever they want. This type of turntable is well suited for domestic, as well as, professional purposes; it is easy to clean and take care of it from dust and scratches.

This turntable seems like a briefcase made of hard wood and it lasts for a long term duration. It consists of 3 different speeds connected by means of the belt to record up to 78 rpm; mated with the inbuilt speakers, it produces the best outsource of crystal clear sound. It includes

It includes an additional connection for the extra speakers externally and also the headphone connection to listen to your favorite collection silently. It is highly equipped with the automated tone arm mated with the RCA audio player fitted along with the amplifier.

Crosley 3 Speed Portable Cruiser Turntable

Key Feature: Cartridge, RCA audio player, AC power adapter.

Pros: light weighted, Dynamic speakers, high-quality sound.

Crosley CR8005A-OR Cruiser 3 Speed Portable Turntable

This type of turntable provides a smooth and clear sound with the luxurious outlook. The Crosley CR8005A turntable is implemented by means of a solid wood material which seems like a suitcase model.

It can be operated at three different speeds that digitize the music in a perfect manner. Since it seems like a suitcase, it is easy to carry anywhere because of its light weight quality. It includes internal speakers to listen to the music in a quiet manner, so there is no need to connect the external speakers.

Crosley CR8005A-OR Cruiser 3 Speed Portable Turntable

Key Feature: Cartridge, Digitizing, Internal speakers.

Pros: light weight quality, three speeds tunable.

Crosley Traveler Cr49-Ta Turntable

The Crosley Traveler CR49-TA turntable is one of the inspired turntables that is able to operate at three different speeds such as 33 rpm, 45 rpm, and 78 rpm and are fitted with the internal speakers and resizing tone arms.

This turntable setup looks stylish and it is easy for the travelers to take with them because of its light weight capability. This gorgeous turntable consists of effective tuning with the diamond shaped stylus material to provide the clear and smooth sound from the recorder.

Crosley Traveler Cr49-Ta Turntable

Key Feature: Diamond stylus, classy outlook, high dynamic internal speakers.

Pros: three speeds tunable, light weighted, clear audio output.

Crosley C200 Turntable

The Crosley C200 turntable is the less expensive turntables which attract most of the consumers toward it. Although the price is less affordable, this turntable design and its features are well qualified.

This turntable is constructed with the good quality plastics, which make the turntable weigh less.  It consists of three different models such as C200, C10, and C100, which are common in their outlook and its features but differs only in the rotating speeds.

It holds only two rotating speeds to outcome with the variable tone arms. It includes a pitch of the strobe, that can be easily adjusted by means of controlling the drive motor.

Crosley C200 Turntable

Key Feature: Diamond stylus, RPM cable adapter.

Pros: Low affordable, good quality plastic, crystal clear sound.

Crosley Cr8005a-Tu Portable Cruiser Turntable

The Crosley CR8005A-TU turntable is well known for its stylish recorders and phono tone arms fitted to it. This type of Crosley turntable model comes with numerous colors such as blue, green, black, pink and orange.

It is well suited for those who wish for the old classy outlook that works well on your favorite track. This turntable model is one of the best recorders that digitizes with the mobile accessories so that you can take the device with you easily like a suitcase wherever you want to travel.

This briefcase like turntable helps to outsource with various qualified capability, interior, and exterior speakers construction with different types of outputs. It consists of USB cord to get connected with the PCs for recording the music tracks.

Crosley Cr8005a-Tu Portable Cruiser Turntable

Key Feature: stylish recorder, phono tone arms, USB.

Pros: light weighted, three speeds tunable, high audio output.

Crosley Cr8005a-Tw Turntable Cruiser

The Crosley CR8005A-TW turntable model is a vintage collection recorder able to be operated at three different speeds because of the high range durable cartridges inbuilt within the device. It is one of the less expensive components when compared to the other types of models. However, the price is low and it works well to provide qualified output.

Well mated with the tone arms to be operated manually, which is vertical in appearance. It is rotated with the belt that paired with the pre-amplifiers, USB cords,  and internal speakers.

Crosley Cr8005a-Tw Turntable Cruiser

Key Feature: Vintage collection, Pre-amplifier, USB.

Pros: less expensive, highly guaranteed, manually operated.

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