How To Choose The Best Record Player Brand/Model?

People all over the world are fond of music. Mostly, all the people like music and they want a perfect player to play it. Record players are objects that help the people to play the music recorded in the cassette, CDs and vinyl records.

How To Choose The Best Record Player Brand Model

There are many types and models of the record player available in the market. Many people get confused about choosing the best record player that suits them. So, here is an article that will help them to choose the perfect record player.

Choosing The Best Record Player

Best record player should have high quality, and it should support the need for the user. The important features of the best record players include,

The drive mechanism

The motors are an important component of the record player, and it helps to spin the platter.  There are two drive mechanisms by which the platter gets driven by the motor. They are belt drive mechanism and direct drive mechanism.

In vintage players, a motor is placed on the right side, and a belt is used to connect the platter and the motor. This player is referred as a belt driven player. This drive will produce audio that is much more isolated and stable in nature.

In some players, the motor is directly mounted below the platter. This design will allow the platter to rotate directly from the motor without any interface. This is referred as the direct drive method, and it completely eliminates interference due to vibrations.

Both the options are good but, the direct drive method is preferable as they have backward spinning capabilities.

Operation method

The operation of the turntable is of three different types and it purely depends on upon its working methods. The three types of operation modes are manual, semi-automated, and fully automated.

The manual operation practices the manual lifting of the tonearm and it should be placed on the recorder. The tone arm does not have any automated features. The semi-automated players also have a manual function. In this, the tone arm will be automated to get lower under queuing condition.

In the fully automated turntable, all the operations and functions will be controlled electrically, and it will offer a good support to the user. These turntables are very rare and have a push button to start the automatic operation.

The manual turntable has many features similar to the automatic turntable but, the automatic ones are very easy to use.

USB Interface Option

The turntables should have a USB interface option. This option will help the user to interface the device with various music MP3 devices such as mobile phones, and allow the player to play the music of their choice. This is a user defined function in the record player that is useful.

Recording Facilities

Record player should offer various facilities for recording an audio in it. They should be capable of playing the cassettes, and also to record audio songs and information on those cassettes.

Apart from these factors, the record player should have the following features.

  • They should have a durable base made up of strong material.
  • The highly-efficient motor should be used for driving the platter.
  • The platter should have a recorder mat.
  • The stylus should be made up of aluminum and it should have a diamond tipped needle.

Points To Remember 

Follow these steps as it will help you to choose the best record player with respect to your budget.

  • Finalize your budget before buying a record player.
  • Select the type of record player, either old or new.
  • Search for the perfect record player in the market for that budget.
  • Search for various models and view their features.
  • The final step is to review the customer satisfaction before buying the products.

So, choose the best record player with the above features and technique, and enjoy your life with music. Hope this article is useful to you, if you have any queries, please comment in the box given below.

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