How To Choose The Best Record Player Based On The Features?

The best record player is one which is equipped with its basic special features which helps you to listen to the music of vinyl collections.  When standing in a player shop, you need to know how to find out the best record player  that is extraordinary.

How To Choose The Best Record Player

Even though it seems to be expensive, you have to buy the best quality record player which stays for the longest periods of time. Choosing the best one is not considered as the easiest job for the people. For those who find it tough, we have featured this article on guiding you to choose the best one.

Choosing the Best Record Player

It is essential to examine whether the record players are having the following features.


It is a type of needle which has been fitted with the diamond at its tip. But, the diamond can be sized and shaped in different ways. The costlier shapes of the needle play a major role in tracking the recordings in the best way.


The Cartridge is a kind of box in which magnets and stylus help to produce the audio signals. Moving magnets and moving coil are the two types of cartridges. The moving coil cartridge provides the best sound quality than the other one. So, it is better to purchase that kind of coil.

Tone arm

It is available in various shapes, sizes, styles, etc., and gets attached to the cartridge, and stylus enables to track around the record.


The shape of the tone arm is round and the record sits and spins on it. It is made of resin, glass, and acrylic but nowadays it is available in rubber or in wool materials.

Belt Drive / Direct Drive

You can use the belt drive turntables to reduce vibration at the time of playing records. The motor is plucked with the help of the stylus. The rubber belt gets attached to the platter and the motor play a major role in absorbing the shock and produces less noise. In the case of the direct drive, the motor is being connected to the spindle, which is located below the platter and is used to produce more rotation and gives you the maximum level of speed. It is mostly used in the disc jockeys which give you the best audio signals.

Phono Storage / Pre-amp

The audio signals coming from the cartridge are in a faint condition and the phono pre-amp is used to increase the signals before going into the line input. The low-cost phono storages work well with the MM cartridges, while the plug and play turntables have built-in phono pre-amp.

With the above points, we believe that you understood how to choose the best record player brand.  Before going to purchase the record player, examine whether these features are present in it or not.  If you like this article, share it on social networking sites.

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