How To Choose A Record Player Stand?

There are people who own the collection of rare to the rarest of the records with the series of the songs that can’t be purchased in digital format. But, collecting the records alone will not make you proud. The way you preserve your records and pass it to generations will make you an intellectual owner.

How To Choose A Record Player Stand

There are several ways of preserving the records such as placing the records in a dust proof cover, cleaning the records regularly and much more. Even if you maintain your records to be clean, arranging the records in a properly fashioned shelf or a table specially designed for preserving the turntables would definitely conserve your records.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Stand?

Although several people constantly wish that buying a stand for records is an unwanted expense, the stand can benefit you in different ways.

  • They help to maintain your collections by protecting them. The use of stands not only, provides a space for proper storage, but also safeguards your records from the prolonged UV rays contact.
  • Placing a stand will also help in adding beauty to the interior of your residence by displaying your collections in a pretty way which is convenient to choose and use.
  • By having a stand for storage, you can organize your record collections effectively and concentrate collecting more rare collections.

How To Choose A Stand?

The above benefits can be obtained only when you choose a standby considering the following recommendations.

  • Focus On The Space Available

Before purchasing a stand, you have to ensure the availability of the space in your residence; which can be decided by going through the availability of the spaces in your home and by selecting a particular area such as a living room or any other area. Now, consider checking the measurements of the area which is chosen to place the stand. Failing which will result in buying a stand which looks good but does not fit in the area that you chose.

  • The Turntable Focus

Consider purchasing a stand which gels with the design or the color of your turntable. It must go with the color matching your turntable and support its design. Also, make sure that it does not dominate your turntable. It must be convenient to keep your records as well as to use your turntable as you will place it near to the turntable.

  • Focus On The Features Of Stand

Purchase a stand only after making several types of research about the features and design of the turntable stands available. The stands come in both vintage look and modern look; you can choose the design that favors you. Remember, you have to not only, focus on the looks, but also on the benefits offered by the stand. It must be capable of holding all your record players but must not be messy.

  • Focus On Quality

Apart from looking into the design and features, make sure you purchase a stand which can live long. Be it a vintage-style or modern style; ensure about the material with which they are made of so as to know its quality. The turntable stand should be resistant to the termite attacks too. This can be known only if you consult with a store owner and know about the material with which they have designed the stand.

  • Focus On The Styles

The stand comes in two different models; they come as a cabinet with doors or as a table to which shelves are attached. You have to purchase the style with respect to your collection of records. Also, ensure if the stand has several dividers in between the compartments as they help in arranging the records in a proper fashion according to sizes or playlists or any other means.

Best Turntable Stands

Considering the above factors, we have picked two best stands that are small and yet firm. They are also affordable and have a solid design. They include,

1. Crosley ST75-CH Bardstown Entertainment Cabinet

The Crosley Bardstown is the bestselling turntable stand with three different variants; cherry, oak, and paprika. It is made of handcrafted wood materials or veneers.

There are a plenty of shelves which are capable of holding all your records in a proper fashion. Also, the shelves are closed with the help of the glass door which adds a decorative look.

The product comes in 16*20*25 inches in dimension and weighs about 32 pounds. For easy opening, it is built with a knob made of brass and it also contributes to the elegance of the stand.

Crosley ST75-CH Bardstown Entertainment Cabinet

Key Features: Shelves, brass knob, glass door

Pros: Handcrafted material builds-up to look classy, easy storage, ample space.

2. Line Phono Turntable Station Turntable Stand

Even though the Crosley brand is most preferred by the people to store their records, the Line phono stand also has all essential features that make them as one of the best turntable stands. They are the experts in the turntable combined with the best architects so as to get a product which not only, satisfies the needs of the turntable owners, but also looks beautiful.

They are built with high-grade MDF construction to make the stand sturdy to hold the records. It has two wider compartments for storing records over 100 collections, one small compartment for storing turntable accessories and a top part to place the turntable as well. Hence it is an all in one stand.

With the interlocking design, it keeps the compartments to be perfectly placed without slipping. Also, the presence of the rubber feet on the bottom helps to level the stand to be in position irrespective of the types of floorings. It also features record stops so as to enable the records to be in front without getting moved back.

There are holes present to manage the cables and a hook to hold the headphone. Also with the adjustable steel, the height of the turntable can be adjusted to the required position.

Line Phono Turntable Station Turntable Stand

Key Features: MDF construction, interlocking design, wider shelves.

Pros: Sturdy, ample storage, plenty of compartments, separate area for cables.

Final Word

On the whole, purchasing a record player stand is an essential component for those who own records collection. Also, the stand has to be purchased with respect to several factors as mentioned. We have listed the best picks that are available for sale. For those who wish to be creative and have a unique stand, there are also many options available on the website for creating a stand according to the individual needs and budget. Have a look at them too. Good luck!

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