Steps To Clean Vinyl Records At Home

Vinyl records are those that stores music in it. These records are in use from the olden days. They store mild music and get played with the help of a turntable. Before using a vinyl record, cleaning it is very important.

How To Clean Vinyl Records

Cleaning vinyl records will help you to remove the impurities from it. By cleaning, the record will offer effective performance to the user. There are many methods and ways for cleaning vinyl records.

Homemade Method For Cleaning A Vinyl Record

There are many useful methods for cleaning vinyl records. Among them, the homemade method is the best method; because, this method cleans them without any dirt. Apart from the homemade method, the user can use accessories such as brush, towel, for cleaning the records. The components and steps involved in the homemade vinyl record cleaning method are listed below.

Things required

  • Basin
  • Dish soap
  • Record cleaning brush/ mat
  • Sink with faucet
  • Warm water source
  • Soft cloths
  • Records to wash
  • Clean surface to place records
  • Towels
  • Rubber gloves

Step I: Remove Dust

Before cleaning the vinyl record, remove dust and loose particles from the top layer of record. This step can be done with the help of the record cleaning brush. The commonly used record cleaning brush is the carbon fiber brush; because this brush will clean the dirt completely. Before you start cleaning, make sure that the brush is not intended to enter the grooves of the record. Carbon brushes will help to discharge any static charge in the record. Another thing that can be used for cleaning is the cloth used to clean the mobile screens. Gently pass on the clothes and it will clean the dust particles. This cleaning will make the record ready for deeper cleaning.

Step II: Preparing Cleaning Solution

Step II is characterized especially for preparing the cleaning solution. The cleaning solution is just the mixture of soap and water. But, note that cleaning the vinyl records with soap and water, or any other cleaning agents other than water, will leave a residue; this residue may affect the performance of the record. So, to avoid this, the user must use warm water for cleaning the record. Using warm water is very effective, and it removes the dirt readily. Check the water before using it. Don’t use the water when it is too hot. Some vinyl record’s performance may get changed with this. The water should be warm in such a way that it dissolves the soap completely. Use few drops of soap liquid in warm water for initial cleaning.

Step III: Clean The Record

Use very little soap in warm water, for cleaning the record, and use a soft cloth for cleaning them. The cloth should be soft and easy-absorbent. Generally, the clothes used for polishing cars can be used for cleaning the records. For cleaning, follow these steps.

  • Wrap the cloth around your index finger.
  • Dip the cloth in soap water kept in a bowl. Don’t dip it completely, and make sure that it will not make the record wet.
  • After this, gently rub the index finger throughout the record and clean it. Move the finger in a circular motion, mostly in concentric circles.
  • First, move in a clockwise direction, and later move in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Clean the records evenly and don’t clean the records with your nail.
  • Don’t allow the record to be wet. If you feel that the record is wet, then clean it with a soft cloth and then brush it with carbon fiber.

Step IV: Repeat

Repeat this again and again, until you feel that the cloth does not contain any dirt. Every time use a new bowl of warm water and soap solution.

Step V: Rinse

After completing the above steps, rinse with distilled water for the final time. Ensure that you don’t leave any soap in the record. Wash it completely.

These are the various tips to keep the vinyl record clean and safe. This is a homemade method and it is easy to maintain the record collection with this method. Hope this article is useful and share this in your social websites as it will help others.

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