How To Begin Your Vinyl Record Collection?

Collecting vinyl records is a hobby for some of the people. Especially the old age people love to collect the records and listen to the music by playing on the turntable. Before collecting the records you should know certain points about it.

Collecting Vinyl Records- Beginners Guide

You should know the basics about the vinyl records collection to get benefitted. Read the article below to know more.

Purchasing The Turntable

Once you decide to collect the vinyl records, initially, you should buy the turntable and the audio system which fits into your budget.

While buying the turntable you should have a clear information about the price and features of it. This can be done by examining the presence of the important features in the selected turntable model. The important qualities essential for the best turntable include,


It is a needle which had been fitted with the diamond at its tip. But, the diamond can be sized and shaped in different ways. The costlier shapes of the needle play a major role in tracking the recordings in the best way.


Cartridge is a special type of a box in which the magnets and the stylus are present and help in producing the audio signals. Two types of cartridges are moving magnets and moving coil. The moving coil cartridge provides the best sound quality than the other one. So it is better to purchase that kind.

Tone Arm

The tone arm comes in various shapes, sizes, styles, etc. It gets fixed to the cartridge and the stylus enables to track the record.


The shape of the tone arm is a circle and the record sits and spins on it. It is made of resin, glass, and acrylic.

Collecting The Records

The cost of the records is usually cheap. They can be purchased from the record store. The people should personally visit the record store and buy the one which suits their taste. It is better to purchase the records through visiting the record store than purchasing it in the online as you need not  spend much amount for shipping.

Inspecting The Vinyl

People have to examine whether the records have any scratches on its surface. The pre-owned or used vinyl records may have the problem of scratching. The scratched and the unclean records will produce noise. Check that the records are very clean.

Condition Of The Jacket

While buying the vinyl, you need to check whether the jacket of the vinyl had been worn out.  Sometimes, if the shop owners tend to store the records in the wet or in dark places. In some cases, the jackets of the vinyl get damaged but the records are in good condition and are available at the lowest cost than the other records which are available in the market.


You should buy the records based on its grading.  Note the information carefully which had been given by the owners of the shop. Usually, the grading of the vinyl records is based on the mint, near mint, very good, and good. It is advisable to purchase the highest grading vinyl records than the lowest grading ones.

How To Maintain Your Collection?

 You should maintain the vinyl records with proper care by following the tips below

Avoid Stacking The Records

The records are made of polyvinyl chloride and the weight of the records seem to be very light. So, you should handle the records very carefully. Else, damages like the scratch, break and wrap the shape of the record; seems to produce more noise while playing the records. You should store the records vertically on the shelf. Do not keep the records in a horizontal position.

Avoid Sunlight Exposure

As the vinyl records are made of the plastic materials, you should not keep the records in exposure to the direct sunlight as this will make the record melt. Always store the records in a cool and dry place.

Avoid Moisture

You should avoid the records to come in contact with moisture. Otherwise, the sleeve gets wet and mold tends to form surrounding the records and become worthless. If wet, dry it by keeping in the air.

How To Keep The Vinyl Clean?

You should clean the records before and after using it. On cleaning the records regularly, your vinyl record stays for the longest periods of time and produces the best audio to the listeners. The vinyl records can be cleaned with the specially designed brush.  You must carefully insert, cover and store the records.

Avoid Playing The Records With Dull Stylus

The dull stylus does not have the capacity to fit into the grooves of the record. It causes damage and produces a poor quality of sound to the listeners and reduces the value of the record. You are advised to clean the stylus periodically without fail. You can use the special type of brush to clean the dust present on the stylus. If you feel that the stylus is already worn out, replace it with a new one.

We hope that the above points were very useful to you in knowing about the collection and maintenance of the vinyl records. You can buy the records on the vinyl stores or on the online. After purchasing the suitable records, maintain it with proper care.

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