Comparison Of Old Record Player & New Record Player

The older record player model works well with the vinyl tracks and it looks classy whereas, the new record player model works well with the USB connectivity, CD set up, and digitizing purposes. These articles explore the positive and negative impact of an old record player and new record player, to find which record player suits well based on the consumer’s affordability and their desire.

Comparison Of Old Record Player & New Record Player

Record Players

A record player is an old classy outlook model, which is still owned by most of the consumers, to play their vinyl record tracks. Record players are easy to modify and repair as per the consumer’s desire.

Record player occupies large space to implement due to the additional component features such as turntables, speakers, power amplifiers, and external plug-in. It outcome with two designs such as portable and semi-portable; operates only with dual speed and is further mated with a battery model to be installed in the car.

Record players generally outcome with three different models such as wheel drive record player, belt drive record player, and direct drive record player. The wheel drive record player consists of rubber type wheel to operate the motor at its required speed.

It produces low-quality sound due to the vibration interference. The belt-driven record player is affixed with the electromagnetic tape, to rotate the record connected to the motor and is affordable. The direct drive record player is a digitized model that consists of both wheel and belt to maintain the turntable to record the format at correct speeds.

Old Record Player Vs New Record Player

There is much variation between the old record player and the new record player which are listed as follows.

  • The old record player is a classy model that is used to play vinyl tracks and it does not offer any problem in modification and re-building whereas, the new record player is an advanced and portable outlook design used to play the tracks in an efficient manner.
  • The new record player consists of the USB connectivity and external speaker connection which the old one does not includes.
  • In recent trend, one needs to afford large amount for the old record player because of the old classy style and its rare availability than the new record player.
  • While considering the point of working operation, it is best to go with the option to buy the new record player because the old record player need lots of rebuilding and repairing to make them work well.
  • The new record players are negligible from the scratching, dust wears, and repairing whereas, old record player needs more money to replace all.
  • The new record players offer the facility to modify and create the separate folder for digitizing vinyl tracks whereas, an old record player does not constitute this facility.
  • With the sound quality feature, it is best to prefer the new record player than the older one because the new record player works well with the dynamic range to produce the crystal clear sound output.

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