How To Connect The Record Player To The Computer?

Record players or the turntable models play a vital role in the recent days. Most of the record player outcomes with the advanced facility to get connected to the computer or smartphones by means of connectivity cable or wireless mode.

The turntable affixed in the record player is generally a circular plate that supports most of the record tracks to play on it. Recording of musical tracks from the turntable to the computer involves three different ways such as audio output cable interface, USB cord connectivity and RCA cables or CD burner facility.

Before going to record the tracks onto the computer, it is necessary to note the pre-amplification of the record tracks.

How To Connect The Record Player To The Computer

In the audio output cable interfacing, it is the easier to burn the files from the record players to the computer. This method simply burns the files of the record tracks from the record players by the use of the interfacing cable.

In the USB cord connectivity model, it is affordable to easily interact with the computer in an efficient manner. It is also able to digitize the record tracks easily onto the computer. It uses an audio interface to route the signal within the interface easily.

In addition, it also includes the headset jack to make the audio interfacing, an inexpensive one. In the third method, the RCA cord is affixed to burn the files onto the computer from the record player. Most of the cords are equipped with the pre-amplifier setup, back to the stereo receivers, to operate the functions at a required speed.

Connecting The Record Player To The Computer

The below steps help the consumer to transfer their recording files from the record player to the computer.

  • If the turntable used consists of the built-in pre-amplifier, there is no need to check on the volume options.
  • Firstly, check whether the RCA cable is equipped with the two probes.
  • Then, connect one end of the cable to the turntable output port and the other end to the pre-amplifier.
  • Make sure that the RCA cable is connected to the probes and the pre-amplifier; the red cord should get connected to the red port and the white cord to the white port.
  • Then, plug the second RCA cable to the pre-amplifier output port and the other end of the cable to the computer.
  • Before connecting the record player to the computer, it is necessary to keep track on the amplified output to equalize the transformation to the computer, else it will provide the worst range of sound quality.
  • The plug in components has to be checked to take care of the equalization process.
  • The cartridge equipped with the stylus needle have to be incorporated into the pre-amplifier signal path.
  • After completing the connectivity step from the record player to the computer, enjoy tracking and formatting the musical record tracks on to the computer.

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