How to Connect a Turntable to a Receiver

Do you want to fill your rooms with sound?

If so, get a turntable for your room.

You can operate these turntables as simple as that of using the smartphones. You can use some wires and plugs for connecting the turntable to the amplifier or speaker to get the maximum sound you want. Most of the people think that connecting the turntable to the receiver is the tedious process but you can do it easily if you follow the below steps.Connect-Turntable-to-Receiver

Procedure for Connecting a Turntable to a Receiver

The turntable is the standard medium for hearing the good sound by adding it to the receiver. You can operate the device without any discomforts, just place the vinyl record you want to play and there is a small hole in the middle for fixing the vinyl record to the platter. in addition, to increase the volume all you need to have is a phono preamp. In this article, you can learn about the phono preamp and the different methods for connecting them in brief.  

What is a Phono Preamp?

When you place the stylus on the vinyl record it will produce a sweet sound based upon the position of the needle. The voltage produced by the turntable need to amplified before the receiver plays that music, to make it happen the phono preamp will boost the output sound equal to that of the other music players like the CD.

The word “phono” is the short form of phonograph which means turntable and the phono preamp is also known as RIAA preamp or phono EQ. 

Where is your Phono Preamp?

The most of the turntable contains phono preamp and you can find them mostly in three common places namely built-in to your device, inside the receiver or in the separate box which is between the receiver and turntable. After finding your phono preamp, you can connect your turntable to the receiver quickly without much time.

Type 1: Phono Preamp is in the Receiver

This type of turntable contains built-in phono Preamp in the receiver and you can identify it by detecting the “PHONO” label. Connect the audio signal cable to the receiver’s input and then insert the ground wire of the turntable into the terminal of the receiver in order to reduce the generation of unwanted noise.

Type 2: Phono Preamp is in the Turntable

You can connect this type of turntable to the receiver within few minutes because the phono preamp is built into the device. Pick the analog signal cable from the device and plug into the input cable of the receiver which is labeled as Aux, Analog In or Line In.

Type 3: Pho Preamp is a Separate Component

In this type, you cannot find the phono preamp both in the turntable and receiver. In this case, you have to connect the outboard phono preamp between them. First, plug in the audio cable of the turntable into phono preamp input canal and if it has ground wire, then connect it to the preamp. Similarly, connect the phono preamp and receiver,  then give the power supply.  

Type 4: Turntable and Receiver both Have Built-in Preamp

Instead of connecting the analog cable from the turntable to the phono preamp input, you need to plug into the receiver’s input channel. If you connect it wrong, then it will decrease the quality of the sound.

Bottom Line

Hope you got the clear idea for connecting the turntable to the receiver based upon the presence of phono preamp, try the above steps and share us your experience.

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