Converting The Vinyl Records To Mp3 Or CD

The vinyl records still sell in demand because of their exceptional sound quality. The rare collections of songs can be got only in the vinyl records. However, they can only be used with the players that are compatible to play them.

Converting The Vinyl Records To Mp3 Or CD

In this digital era, listening to songs is being done with the sound audio system or with the mobile devices. Also, purchasing a new set of CD’s for the already available sound files is an absolute waste of money when the sound files can be converted.

But how do you convert those files? To help you convert, we have featured this article with a step by step guide of converting the vinyl records to mp3 or CD.  Continue reading to know the steps involved.

The Hardware Required

The easiest way of converting a vinyl record to the digital format is by using a turntable with built-in preamp and a USB output. Besides the turntable, you will need the RCA cables in order to make necessary connections. Followed by that, a computer with a Line –in port with sufficient storage is required. If you’re A/V receiver or the turntable does not feature a preamp, consider purchasing one.

The Software Required

With all the hardware and the vinyl record ready, you will require audio software to record the audio produced as a result. To facilitate this process, there are audio softwares available such as pure vinyl, and vinyl studio, which are specially designed to extract audio from your turntable. However, the software audacity is widely preferred by most of the users. They can convert your records and export them to MP3, AIFF, FLAC and WAV for playback. This software is made compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux interfaces.

Steps Involved In Converting

After gathering all the necessary software and hardware requirements, the process of converting is ready to be started. It involves the following steps.

Step 1- Cleaning The Vinyl

The vinyl records are prone to get accumulated with dust over time even if it is maintained in its sleeve. Also, it might have oils from the fingers too. It is hence better to clean your vinyl record with a brush of microfiber bristles and by dipping in a cleaning solution to avoid recording imperfections if any.

Step 2- Connecting Devices

Now, connect your USB turntable to your computer’s USB port. In the case of using a turntable without a USB output, connect the preamp to the Line-in port of your computer with an RCA connection.

Step 3- Launching The Software

The next step is to turn on the turntable and opening audacity software. If the software does not recognize your USB port, do it manually by naming it as an input source. This can be done by using the control panel of the computer settings. You will have to select sound among the options from the control panel and then select manage audio devices followed by the selection of recording. In the case of MAC, do it by opening settings and then selecting sound devices followed by opening input tab. Now in the software, click on new to open a new project.

Step 4- Start Recording

Now proceed by selecting the record option in the software. You can see the display of the sound waves in the program as it records. Take care to keep the audio settings such that it is not too loud. If you notice the waves be filling your entire monitor, it indicates that the sound is recorded with distortion. Adjust volumes such that the waves fit into the screen. If you don’t get satisfied, you can also restart the file to record again.

Step 5- Stop Recording

After you have finished recording, select the Stop button. At this juncture, save your file.

Step 6- Scrubbing And Entering Metadata

Scrubbing an audio file can be achieved by selecting click removal from the effect menu. It has to be followed by entering the basic info such as the artist name and the song title, which is commonly known as metadata in order to find it easily in the library. The metadata editor can be edited by selecting file menu followed by selecting the edit metadata option.

Step 7- Export The Album

Soon after finishing all the above steps, click the file menu in the toolbar and select export multiple from the drop down menu. Now choose the format according to your wish and save the location in the popup menu and proceed to click the export button present in the bottom.

That’s it. You have done converting your vinyl records. You are now all set to enjoy your favorite music in the music library of your choice.

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