How to Create A Stereo System Using Vintage Record Players?

Vinyl record players were very popular in olden times. As the devices at present are equipped with the latest technology, the youngsters get attracted towards it.

How to Create Your Dream Stereo System with Vintage Record Players

It is popular search on how to integrate the vintage record players with the home based stereo systems. Our article will help to do the operation in a perfect way. Continue reading to know the process.

Record Players

Before knowing the process involved, it is necessary to know the types of turntable available for use to choose one for creating the stereo system. We have listed down the various types of record players to help you know.

Belt Drive Turn Tables

You can use the belt drive turntables, which are used to reduce vibration at the time of playing records. The motor is plucked with the help of the stylus. The rubber belt gets attached to the platter, and the motor plays a major role in absorbing the shock and producing less noise. It runs with the help of the motor.

While running the motor, it produces vibration. Cleaning and removing the dust particles from the turntable will save the turntable and helps you to get the clear music for the extended periods of time. In this, the motor is being placed away from the platter and it costs cheap.

The drawbacks are; when the belt of the turntable becomes old, it collects the dust and small particles from the surroundings. Later on, it affects the quality of the sound.

Direct Drive Turntables

In the case of the direct drive, the motor is being connected to the spindle, which is located below the platter, and is used to produce more rotation which in turn gives you the maximum level of speed. The platter tends to rotate backward without producing any damage to the turntable. It is mostly used in the disc jockeys to give you the best audio signals.

The motor is fitted below the rotating surface of the turntable, which occupies only a less amount of space. So, storage of this kind of turntable seems to be very easy.  You can easily maintain, and if some of the parts of the turntable get damaged, you can replace it with the new one. As it weighs light, you can carry the device anywhere.

One downside is that it produces the distortion and vibration but, it won’t irritate the users. It costs more when compared to others which are available in the market.

Swing Arm Turntables

It consists of a tone arm, which moves on the arc and it pivots in the fixed position and has only a few parts.  These parts may not get damaged very easily thereby, reducing the maintenance costs.  The design of the device seems to be simple so as to be available cheap. The mechanism of the tone arm does not produce variations in the quality of sound.

The disadvantage of this kind of turntable is that the variation occurs between the mastering method and the playback tone arm, which lead to errors.

Perpendicular Arm Turntables

The tone arm follows a linear path, which tends to match the mastering process. With this, it gives the correct output to the users. Thus, the perpendicular turntables provide the best audio signals to its listeners. The quality of the sound is good and is considered as the major advantage of the product.

The turntables are designed to provide the mechanism that is capable of driving the tone arm. So, there may  be a chance for the components of the devices getting damaged.

When it comes to the drawbacks, the parts of the motor gets failed frequently and require frequent replacing. The motor produces much noise when compared to other turntables.

Essential Components

The essential components that have to be present in the turntable you chose includes,

Stereo Receiver

It accepts the T-signal with the help of the phono input. In some of the latest turntables, it does not have the capacity to get the input through phono. In those cases, you have to purchase a separate phono input. When the turntable is being connected to the receiver, the phono input plays a major role in amplifying the audio signals which produces a very clear voice to the listeners.


Choosing the suitable speaker, which gets connected to the record player, plays an essential role in producing the ultimate stereo system. Nowadays, modern speakers are available being equipped with the latest technology. It is used to produce the better audio output to the people. After deciding the speakers, select the right cables and connectors which are apt for the speakers.

Cartridges and Needles

In turntables, cartridges and needles are the most important one. Before purchasing the needle, examine the condition of the needle. If you buy the damaged needle, it will produce scratches on the record player. At the same time, consider  the cost of the needle; some of the replacement needles cost more than that of the turntables. It is true in the case of the high-end turntables.


It is necessary to ground all the elements. Failing which will affect the sound quality. The important thing to note is that you should use the best quality cables for connection to get the best output.

Avoid the mixing of the cables by tying all the cables, using the cable tie. Don’t tighten the cables, as it causes breakage in the cable.  The digital cables seem to produce leakage resulting in distortion. The replaceable connectors are used to produce the best audio signals to the listeners.

Optional Components

The below-mentioned components are optional apart from the essentials.

Analog to Digital Converters

It plays an important role in converting the analog signal into the digital form. Thus, it converts the noise signals into the best quality signals, by removing the noise interference. Especially when connecting with the computer, it converts the vinyl collections into the digital format.

Instruction Manual

It offers various useful information about, “how to connect the vintage record players with the stereo systems?” and provides details about the configuration. It helps to provide more useful tips about, “how to install the products?” and maintenance of the record players.

Setup Installation

The final step after collecting all the essential things is the set up or assembly. It includes the following steps.


Keep the record players on the flat surface. Avoid placing the turntable on the top of the speaker. The users can place the device beside the speaker. In the case of placing the record players on the speaker, the waves from the speaker will cause damage to the record player. When the device is in use, close the lid to improves the quality of sound.

Speaker Placement

The maximum level of sound is produced, by the type of speaker which is fitted to the turntable. Avoid keeping the speaker and the record player side by side, as it will damage the sound quality.

Following all the steps properly will enable you to set up your record player to a stereo system. If you have any queries, ask us by posting a mail to our page.

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