Crosley CR8005A-Turntable Review

The Crosley CR8005A is a 3-speed turntable which is suitable for those vinyl lovers, who enjoys listening music and wish to have a turntable that is portable and compact. It attracts the customers with its looks as it is designed in the form of a briefcase to carry it to anywhere.

Crosley CR8005A-Turntable Review

The Crosley is a brand that has been into this field for years. This company offers products that are both beneficial, as well as, convenient to use. Let us inspect the different features of this Crosley product and know if they are worth the hype.


As mentioned earlier, the product is designed to look like a briefcase with a handle to carry it conveniently and it comes in 10 different colors that are unique and attractive. There are two speakers slots placed along the sides of the handle. The briefcase is covered with the vinyl material with the handle that is padded and yet looks sleek. The lid of the briefcase is designed with felt to enhance the design.

Incredible Features

The Crosley, similar to the several affordable players, makes use of the ceramic cartridges to price them low. As the ceramic cartridges are capable of producing ample voltage, they generally do not require the additional use of an amplifier. Also, due to the fact that they are capable of balancing frequencies, they do not require an equalizer too.

The stylus used in the turntable is made of diamond at the tip with a 0.7 Mil radii. As the player is said to produce tracking force that is heavy; they are capable of being played for number of hours.

They are capable of playing records with three different speeds; 33 1/3, 45, and the 78 RPMs. Also unlike many affordable players, they do not require purchasing a separate stylus for playing 78 RPM records, the inbuilt stylus is compatible. However, playing with the stylus other than the 3Mil radius as in this case tend to create more noise and distortion.

The cantilever is made of ABS plastic and it providing resistant to the records played by avoiding the wear. It comes with an auto stop feature to help to stop the records rotating which is controlled with the help of the auto control switch.

The belt driven turntable features a tone arm which has to be lifted manually to bring it back to its original position to rest. The platter is also made of plastic material which is accompanied by a DC motor.

On the top of the platter, it has an anti-slip mat present; it is made of rubber and it has a diameter of 6¾“. Further, the unit comes with the built-in speakers; 3w stereo which makes it beneficial to avoid the use of external speakers for producing sounds louder.


The device is equipped with RCA outputs which can be plugged into the amplifiers or any sound stereo system. It also has a headphone jack to listen to songs without disturbing others. Even if does not come with a USB connection, they can still be connected to a sound card of the computer with the help of a cable adapter that is 3.5mm in size. The special feature of this Crosley product is, it can be connected to the modern devices like iPod and mp3 players with the help of a 3.5mm jack cord that does not come in the box.


It is easier to set up. By plugging the AC power adapter to the power supply, you have to remove the plastic protection piece of the record and it requires putting a record on the platter after which the record is set to play. By adjusting the toggle switch present on the unit; the switching between the speeds can be achieved. Further, the autoplay switch and a control knob present on the device facilitates controlling the volume.

Sound Quality

With all these features, the Crosley product is devoid of producing sounds that are of professional quality. The inbuilt speakers produce the sound which is suitable only for the beginners or everyday listeners. For others, purchasing external speakers would serve the purpose. Also, as the turntable is fixed inside a briefcase bottom and with the internal speakers, the noise and vibrations are produced heavily.

Crosley CR8005A-Turntable

Key features: Ceramic cartridges, diamond stylus, and anti-slip mat

Pros: Lightweight, portable, capable of listening sounds stored in other devices.


To conclude, the belt driven dynamic Crosley product faces several issues like sound quality, struck ups, vibration, and external noise. In spite of all these major setbacks, the Crosley is still an efficient product for those who travel a lot and wish to play the music from the other device using a turntable.

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