Crosley Stereo Turntable Sound System Cr66-pa Rochester Review

Crosley turntables are the best sellers meeting quality and performance. They also come in an affordable price range. This particular turntable is widely preferred by those who wish to collect turntables and also to those who wish to decorate their places. This article deals with the review of the Crosley turntable which is said to perform five different functions.

Crosley Stereo Turntable Sound System Cr66-pa Rochester Review

About the product

The turntable is said to be five in one as it acts as five different components in a single device. They are capable of playing; Lp records by acting as a turntable, cassettes like a cassette player, Compact discs like a CD player, Mp3s like a Mp3 player and with the presence of an external antenna it functions as an FM radio too.

The product operates with a belt driven turntable mechanism. It is capable of playing records of three different sizes; 7”, 10” and 12” at three different speeds; 33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM. The product is finished like a wooden cabinet given it a heritage look.

The stylus is made with diamond and the device is portable as it can be operated in Mp3 or audio devices by simply plugging it. The CD player is capable of programming up to 20 tracks in memory.

Remarkable specs

The device offers extraordinary tone control to modify the sounds and thereby producing them to be more soft and louder in quality.

The device is built with more than two stereo speakers to provide the good quality sounds.

The device comes with an essential feature of speed control; it can be increased or decreased smoothly to enable controlling the speeds of the record played.

With all these essential features, it comes in an affordable price range, which makes it the best product to be suggested.

It also features an attractive LED display and is built with an analog tuning dial for accurate tuning of frequencies.  With the external antenna, it is capable of receiving FM signals precisely.


There are several negative reviews received from the customers apart from the benefits they offer. Some of the customers feel that the speakers started fuzzing at a moderate volume for some frequency of sounds and the CD players were seen to be improper in function.

Several customers consider that the absence of the auxiliary outputs and stereo speakers to be a major disadvantage as they are necessary for converting formats. Also, the needle that comes inbuilt is only capable of playing 33 and 45 Rpm speeds and it lacks the 78 rpm speeds to be played.

There are also reports of turntable spinning too fast which makes the song sound weird or different.

Crosley Stereo Turntable Sound System Cr66-pa Rochester

Key features: external antenna, stereo speakers, and LED display

Pros: Easy to use, Affordable price range, 5 in 1 operations, good quality of sound, and has 3 speeds of playing.


It is to be made clear that there is no product manufactured which is pretty well in all aspects. Despite the minor defects, the product proves itself worthy. On the whole, it is a best all in one turntable with 5 in 1 functions and distinct features that are remarkable. They also come in an affordable price range.


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