What Is The Difference Between A Record Player And A Turntable?

The record player and the turntable models are not similar. Both are interchanged because of the factor that the turntable is meant as a synonymous for the record player which is not mostly used by the consumers nowadays because of the newly digitized series of the turntable models.

In recent days, most of the parts are transformed as well as re-manufactured and the only thing that remains from the record player system is the turntable. So, this article helps you to show the differentiation between the record player and the turntable.

What Is The Difference Between A Record Player And A Turntable

About Record Player System

The record player is a portable device which is inbuilt with a lot of features to play the musical tracks. The record player is meant for its self-sustained property, which includes the turntable, speakers, retro mode plugin, and pre-amplifiers.

It is much expensive and it is a heavy weighted component that makes it difficult to be ported. It constitutes the capability to save the power to reuse when needed.

Record player occupies large space to due to the additional component features. It outcomes with two design such as portable and semi-portable;operates only with dual speed. It is a battery model which is easy to install the car device model.

About Turntable Model

Turntable is a derived component from the Record player system which is quite simple and smooth to use and does not include any speakers and amplifiers.

It consists of platter platform to perform the musical track lines in which the cartridge and the stylus are equipped to provide the high range of sound quality.  It needs speakers and

It needs speakers and headset to expose the sound from the device. Turntable is a separate device which is well groomed in recent trends due to vinyl record usage that provides high range of sound pitch in a long duration of recording and playing. The design of the turntable differs with every model because of the platform level, platter model, and the motor operation.

Record Player Vs Turntable

  • Version- The record player is an older version and  the turntable is the latest version. Record players are not in use in the recent days due to the advanced evolution of the turntable models.
  • Weight- The record player is much bulkier when compared to the turntable set up.
  • Components- The main difference between the record player and the turntable is about the components included;  the record player consists of both speakers and amplifiers whereas, the turntables need to be implemented with these additional features.
  • Trend- Turntable is well equipped with the concept of replacing capabilities as per the consumer’s desire and is in trend. Record players lost its trend due to the invention of different media models such as tapes and disc.
  • Software- Record player does not include any software facility similar to the turntable models.
  • Digitisation- Turntable includes the facility to mould a lot of features such as recording, editing, and formatting into required digitized form which is absent on the record player.

These are the major differences between a record player and the turntable. If you are aware of any other differences, write to us so that we will add them too.

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