Electrohome EANOS502 Wellington Turntable-Review

Electrohome is a company that initially manufactured and marketed radios and televisions. To benefit the people of the present generations, the electrohome company has come forward with a turntable that has the looks of the old days and the technology of the present stereo systems.

Electrohome EANOS502 Wellington Turntable-Review

In general, people purchase turntables and suffer from purchasing additional accessories for each and every benefit they wish to have. But the EANOS502 is a turntable that is an all rounder which does not require purchasing any additional accessories and is helpful to enable enjoying music at your own convenience.

Design At A Glance

The system makes you feel nostalgic with the vintage design made of handcrafted wood finish. They are designed in such a way that it can suit the interiors of any residence. It has rubber feet at the bottom area in order to make the turntable stay safe against the scratches. The wood work is made with minute detail and is rounded at the edges. The brass plate is present at the front and has a big lid for closure. The cabinet also is built with the tuning dial in orange color and control knobs that are rotary. With these looks they are contemporary with both the older and modern functions.

Audio Listening

The retro player is capable of playing records at three different speeds; 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM. They come with an added benefit of playing Mp3, CD, AM/FM radio channels. Also, the presence of the headphone jack enables you to listen to your favorite songs without disturbing others.

Further, the record comes with a USB port with the help of which the audio files can be transferred to Mp3 files without the computer. For this, you have to plug in the USB device and press the record button. This will initiate recording your vinyl tracks to your USB device as individual tracks.

Sound Quality

The two full range stereo speakers are place inside the wooden cabinet in order to reproduce louder sounds. The sound produced cannot be considered as the best quality but, they are decent and are not feeble, in fact they are electrifying. The turntable comprises of a stylus whose tip is made with diamond and the stylus itself is made of ceramic material. With this, they help in providing extraordinary sound performance with a tone that is warm. Also, the stylus is made in such a way to avoid scratching the records.

The Good

The record player is capable of producing sounds of better quality. Unlike the other players, the product is capable of playing MP3s, CDs and radio channels which are an outstanding feature. With its design and the detailing, the unit delivers a retro look and feel treating your eyes and ears.  Also, the product comes in a reasonable price range. When adjusting volumes, the speakers do not suffer from the quality.

The Bad

The radio channels are reported to receive improper signals which are the improper alignment of the antenna. The sound quality is not at a high level. It is heavy to carry when travelling. The arm has to be picked up manually to perform the start-stop function. There are several reports about the malfunctioning of the records.

Electrohome EANOS502 Wellington Turntable

Key features: Ceramic stylus, diamond tip, vintage design.

Pros: 4 in 1 function, USB port, better sound quality.

Bottom Line

In short, the product comes with a vintage look that has sound quality that meets our expectations. Also, it is not priced high and is affordable. In spite of the drawbacks, the benefits guarantee the best experience when to compare to the other players at this price and features.

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