Electrohome Signature Record Player–Review

More recently, the craze for listening songs in a record player is increasing. Even though the digital forms of listening songs are convenient and the tracks are easily available for download, the sheer pleasure of getting a record and playing music in a record player will take you back to the olden days.

Electrohome Signature Record Player–Review

There are many brands that manufacture these record players. One among them is the Electrohome company, which is involved in manufacturing and marketing of the turntables. They concentrate more on the vintage looks to give a sense of attraction and willingness to purchase the product at the very first glance.

At times, the product that treats your eyes will never be a product of quality and on the other hand, a product that is good in quality and features will leave you hesitant due to its bland design. It is extremely difficult to purchase a product which looks good, as well does not compromise on the quality.

In this article, we are going to have a glance about the Electrohome signature record player and inspect its features to know if they are worth purchasing.


When it comes to Electrohome products, their designs are more focused to give a vintage impression. The Electrohome signature is also one among their vintage collections which throw you back to the old school memories by giving a look of a cassette player.

The product is made of durable wood and has a walnut finished outer. The knobs, buttons are all made of brass which adds to the retro look combined with the lighting on the sides of the dial. The cabinet is built with 4 speakers which are placed above the buttons and the knobs. Over the front, it also consists of a CD draw, USB input, blue LED panel, volume control, Power button, record button, and much more.

The Hallmark Attributes

It is a player which operates with a belt driven mechanism. As it is made of wood material, it is durable and enables vibration free motor running. It is capable of playing records with all available sizes.

The stylus tip is made of diamond and it adds to the functionality by reproducing natural sound; it is also replaceable.

With the help of the USB port, it facilitates connection with the modern gadgets. Also, it avoids the use of external drive to convert the vinyl record tracks to mp3 format.

The player can play records with three different speeds; 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPMs.

The Highlights

The highlight of the product is the connectivity it offers. The record player is fully functional but it lacks the playback control feature. The record player can perform different functions in a single shift. They can act as a CD player, MP3 player, and AM/FM radio. With the auxiliary input of 3.5mm, you can play the tracks of your smartphone through the player’s speakers. Also, the shifting of functions can be done with the help of the remote that comes with the box.

To convert a vinyl track to mp3 format, all you have to do is by beginning with plugging in the USB drive followed by initiating the record. Now, you have to click the record button twice. The tracks are now ready to be converted and it will be stored into the device you provide for storing the converted formats. However, for separating the tracks or naming them, you will require installing recording software.

Audio Quality

With the help of the 4 built in speakers that are placed inside the wooden cabinet, the device is capable of creating ample sound which is able to fill the entire room.  As the needle of the turntable is made of ceramic, reproducing the natural tone of the tracks is benefitted.

Electrohome Signature Record Player

Key features: Ceramic stylus, USB port, vintage look.

Pros: Design, affordable, three speeds, USB port.

Final Thoughts

“All that glitters is not gold” is a general quote, which states that we should not get deceived by the appearances; instead, we have to inspect the quality and purchase the best product. But, the product on contrary also looks good and performs well too. Even though it is not capable of producing extraordinary sound quality, it performs well and reproduces sound in a decent manner. We recommend this product for those wish to have a turntable for casual listening and not for those who looks for professional quality.