Guide To Organize A Record Collection

There are various ways and mechanism to store the music; among them, vinyl records are the best and the easiest way to store music. These records have traditional importance and it used till now by many people. The vinyl records are played using turntables.

Guidelines For Organizing A Record Collection

The vinyl records are common in online shopping and in many musical stores. Many people collect these vinyl records and store in their house. A person with vinyl records collection needs to organize them to maintain their quality.

Organizing A Record Collection

The person with vinyl record collection should organize them in an orderly pattern. This will help the user to collect the correct record when they need it. It will also help to maintain the record safely. The best way to order the records is by bringing the layout of your favorite musical stores; because musical stores will arrange the records in a way to make it easier for the customer to find it out. The common methods for organizing the vinyl records are listed below.

Method I- Arranging In Alphabetical Order

This is an important and versatile method used for arranging the records. In this method, the music is arranged in the alphabetical order starting from A to Z. This can be done by considering many strategies such as brand name, album name, artist name etc.

The brand name is the name of the company that has marketed the vinyl recorder. Some people are a fond of music marketed from a specific brand and those people like ordering their vinyl recorder according to the brand names.

The artist name is the name of the person who created a particular music. The artist is also a part of music like the singer. Some people arrange their music based on this strategy because they like the music of specific artists.

The album name is the name given to the album by the artist and the brand. Arranging by album name is commonly preferred by many people because it is very easy to understand the music by its name.

Method II- Arranging By Music Genre

This is also one of the preferred methods to arrange the music albums; because it is an efficient and easy method to arrange vinyl records. The common genres followed while arranging music are jazz, hip hop, folk, new wave, live albums etc. By arranging in this method, the user can easily select the music according to their preference.

Method III- Sorting By Year

The people who are collecting vinyl recorders for more than three years prefer this style for organizing their recorders in a neat way. They separate the recorders based on the published year and arrange them in an alphabetical or genre order based on the year. This method is also used in many musical shops for storing the music records. This helps to analyze the records easily, and the user can select the records with very less time.

Four Basic Laws Of Vinyl Records Storage

  • The temperature controlled region will be the perfect place for storing your vinyl record.
  • Don’t place your records in stacks.
  • Avoid your records from heat sources.
  • Damages and old sleeves should be removed and new sleeves should be placed in it.

While organizing the records, organize it in a correct and perfect way. But, while arranging check that you are comfortable with the style and order. Select the best order and style that suits you and arrange accordingly. Some persons separate their records according to their activities such as workout music, DJ etc., while some other people arrange their records based on various tags. So, follow your own idea and tips while arranging the records as it will become comfortable to you.

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