What Is A High-End Turntable? (Best 3 Brands)

The turntables are commonly used all over the world. It helps the user to enjoy the music peacefully. As the world is changing, there are many useful and advanced technologies that are being introduced in the turntables.

High-End Turntables- Review

The turntables with innovative technologies cost high and are referred as high-end turntables. The high-end turntable should offer features such as the USB function, unlike an ordinary turntable. They must also offer high quality and should withstand any condition.

High-End Turntables

As mentioned above, the high-end turntables cost higher and they offer many advanced and important features. They include,

High Quality

The important feature of the high-end turntable is its quality. All the materials of this turntable are made up of high-quality materials and are designed to offer high performance. This turntable can adapt any form of vinyl records in a phonograph and play effectively. They also have the capacity to play the old vinyl records.


Another important feature is that it protects and safeguards the records when you play them. Other cheap turntables will affect the quality of the music in the phonograph, by damaging them, but this device saves the music and it does not affect the music in the phonograph. They work actively and play the records effectively.


The high-end turntable offers a high level of sound performance when compared to the low-end turntables. This turntable can be paired with the best speakers to offer high volume sound. The sound from the speaker maintains their quality as it can easily interface with any other devices.

No Preamplifier

Many low-end products require the support of preamplifier, to offer the best quality sound. But, the high-end system offers inbuilt preamplifier, and this will help to offer high performance. So, the user is devoid of spending extra bucks on the preamplifier.

Top Selling High-End Products

The above paragraphs explained the important features about high-end products. There are many brands that manufacture high-end products, among them, the best top selling products are listed below.

Technics SL-1210Mk5 TurnTable

The technics turntable is a high-end turntable, made up of high-quality aluminum.


The breaking speed of this device can be adjusted easily. This can be done by adjusting the screw, after removing the slip mat. The pitch of this device can be adjusted without clicking. Other than that, the turntable offers smooth sliding with advanced capacity. This system also offers recessed power switch, and this switch avoids accidental turn off.

With a single touch button, the pitch can be easily set to zero. This turntable has a brushless motor and it is driven by quartz. It also has an aluminum die-cast platter and electronic brake. There is a bass absorbing cotton at the base.


This device offers high comfort to the user. It has many advanced techniques and offers high sound quality to the users. This is a durable device, and can play any type of vinyl records. The pitch of this device can be adjusted easily, and it avoids the accidental turn-off.

Technics SL-1210Mk5 TurnTable

Key features: bass absorbing cotton, aluminum platter, and electronic brake

Pros: Avoids accidental turn off, easy pitch adjustment and simple to use.

Thorens TD 240-2 Fully-Automatic Turntable (Light Walnut)

Thorens turntable is made up of high-quality materials and it offers complete support and comfort to the user.


This is a fully automatic turntable with a classic design. Silent-running belt design helps in playing the music efficiently. There is a spring at the bottom, and this spring offers anti-shaking phenomenon to the user.

The platter is made up of nonmagnetic aluminum. This device has electronically controlled DC motor, and the speed of the device can be selected automatically. This device is made up of the wood plinth and has a timeless elegance. It also has an easy playback phenomenon.


Many users like this device because of its efficiency and details. This device is very easy to use and has many advanced technologies. The anti-shaking and silent belt features make this device more attractive to the user.

Thorens TD 240-2 Fully-Automatic Turntable (Light Walnut)

Key features: Non-magnetic aluminum, wood plinth, and silent belt.

Pros: Anti-shaking, easy to use and fully automatic.

Marantz TT-15S1 Reference Belt Drive Turntable

This is also a high-end turntable with reference belt drive mechanism.


This device offers low resonance and a high-quality acrylic chassis and platter. Non-servo controlled asynchronous AC motor is used in this device. The motor construction is in the form of the flowing type, and it has an efficient belt drive mechanism.

The belt driven mechanism is offered by an endless silicon belt. The tonearm is made up of anodized aluminum that is durable. This device has a magnetic type anti-shaking mechanism that offers clever and complete support to the user.


This device has both, automatic and manual operations, and it supports the user completely. All the components of this device are made up of durable material, and this device is very easy to use.  The anti-shaking and the anti-resonance mechanism safeguards the device and makes the user enjoy the music.

Marantz TT-15S1 Reference Belt Drive Turntable

Key features: Endless silicon belt, asynchronous AC motor, and acrylic chassis.

Pros: Anti-shaking technology, offers complete support and high-quality.

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