Cleaning A Turntable (Tips And Precautions)

One major thing to remember while hearing the records on the turntables is that you should keep your device clean. The process of cleaning the turntable seems to be very easy and won’t require a lot of time to do it. You need not spend much time to remove the dust particles on the device.

How to Clean a Turntable

Turntables are affected by dust due to the static electricity, which is produced by them. You should maintain it with proper care. Our tips will help you to clean your device in a perfect way.

Why Should You Clean the Turntable?

It is essential to remove the dust from the turntable because when the vinyl records spin on it, it produces vibration and electricity. It attracts the dust and other small dust particles to the device.                

Things Required To Clean the Turntable

It includes stylus cleaning brush, soft paint brush, alcohol, antistatic dusting cloth, lint-free cloth.

Tips For A Clean Turntable

  • Begin by cleaning the stylus after using the turntable. If you lack the stylus brush, you can use the soft paint brush to clean it. Just wipe the needle from the backside to the front side. If you wipe it side by side, it may bend. So, you need to carefully clean the needle.
  • To clean the stylus, soak the paint brush or dampen the brush in the rubbing alcohol.
  • After every use, it is recommended to clean the surface of the turntable with an antistatic dusting cloth.
  • For pure cleaning, use the rubbing alcohol. Especially the fingerprints can be removed easily using the alcohol. You can use the lint-free cloth, and moisten it with the alcohol. Then, wipe it from the center of the turntable and repeat it towards the circle.
  • The additional moisture can be removed with the help of the lint-free cloth.
  • After using the turntable, cover it without fail. If necessary, you can cover the turntable while playing.
  • Instead of the dust cover, use the cloth to cover the turntables.

Safety PrecautionsTo Be Followed

  • Avoid cleaning the stylus of the turntable with your fingers. Sometimes, there may be a chance for bending or the deposition of oils from your fingers, on the surface of the stylus.
  • When removing the dust particles on the turntables, avoid blowing it; because there may be a chance of spitting on it.
  • Sometimes, when the device vibrates, the dust particles hide between the magnetic cartridge and produces disturbances in the sound.
  • The hidden dust might damage the turntables.
  • The scratches on the turntables cannot be cleaned with any cloth.

By following the instructions, you can keep your device always clean. You should follow the steps very carefully while removing the dust particles from the turntable. If you like this article, you can share with your friends.

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