How To Connect A Record Player To An Air Player System?

Record players are a music playing system that originated in the 19th century. These record players played all kind of music stored in the record. There are many new models and types of record players in this modern era. The record player that is used to play the vinyl record is referred as turntable which is a traditional record player.

How To Connect A Record Player To An Air Player System

There are people who love to hear music in a function. Such people need to carry the record players wherever they need. This is a feature of the old record player. The new record player has many inbuilt facilities and with these, the record players can be easily connected to the airplay system. The following article explains about connecting a record player to the airplay system.

Innovative Record Players

This is a modern era with a large number of electronic invention and innovation. People all over the world have everything in their hand with the help of mobile phones. The mobile phones offer them phone calls, camera, Bluetooth, MP3 etc.

In this modern era, record players have turned out beneficial and innovative to beat the race. The turntables are still in use because of the innovative technologies added in them. With many advanced features, the users still get attracted to the turntable. Other than this, there are few people who still believe in the old turntable and love them.  But those people are only a few, so to keep the turntable in use, many features such as speakers, USB support, audio jack is added to the old turntable. Some of these record players can also be interfaced with the computers for copy and paste action.

Now, at present, the turntables are designed with Bluetooth, AM/FM radio and CD drive facilities. These additional features help the people to hear their music in any way. The Bluetooth connected can interface the device with many other devices with MP3.

So, the advanced modern technology will allow the turntables to connect them easily with the air interfacing system. Before connecting air interface system to the transmitter, check whether the turntable is compatible with the technologies used.


Before setting up a transmitter, first, check whether the system is compatible with the transmitter or not. The compatible record player should have a built in amplifier and it should support headphones. The amplifier will amplify the sound produced by the record player. This amplified sound is sent through the audio jack and the user can hear this with headphones using a particular adapter. Airplay system uses this audio jack to play the music. The transmitter with Bluetooth facility is connected to the audio jack. The output from the audio jack will be collected and transmitted with the help of Bluetooth.


As the transmitter part is done, now we should use a proper receiver to receive the incoming signals. The receiver should be compatible with the Bluetooth version of the transmitter. Older Bluetooth receivers should be avoided because they receive slowly, some old Bluetooth versions will not be compatible Mac of the device. So, the user should use a proper version of Bluetooth receiver.


After setting the transmitter and the receiver, synchronization is the next step. This can be done easily. Synchronizing both the transmitter and the receiver at the same time will be efficient. For synchronizing, just place the two devices near and switch on the push button. A LED starts blinking as soon as the user switch ON the device and the synchronization occurs automatically.

Software Setup

After setting up the hardware, the next step is to set up the software of the system. The software is used for routing the output through the audio jack.  There are many types of software and the user should select the perfect software that suits them.

The software can allow transfer of all type of audio from the device to any kind of airplay devices connected to it. It can connect to all the types of airplay devices such as mobile phones, computer etc.

Play The Music

If you feel that you are done with both the software and the hardware installation, then click on the play option and start playing the music. You can feel the efficient transmission and reception of music in your mobile.

So, with the help of airplay system the user can hear the music easily without setting up the record players in their desired places. This system also benefits the users with wireless access, so that they can hear the music anywhere in the home without trouble. So, connect the airplay devices in your record player and enjoy music anywhere in your home. Hope this article is useful to you. If you have any queries, comment in the box given below.

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