How to Operate a Turntable

From earlier days, the turntables are designed to record the music, it is now revolving the tech space and there are many new versions coming up with advanced features. you may find out different types of turntables stocked on the shelves of the shops, but it is important to choose the right one as you prefer for the extended working. 


Most of the people are now using touch screen music player and there is no chance for them to have aware of the turntables. Once you get the turntable, you need to know how to operate it properly for the right usage and here you can get more details which help you to follow and implement easily.

Steps to operate the Turntable

The turntable usually requires less interaction than other music players namely CD, MP3 etc. If you want to hear breathtaking music, then place the turntable on the table and just follow the below steps to operate the device. There are three important steps for preparing the player and check out them below in depth. 

1) Remove the Dust Cover from the Turntable and Platter

The turntable comes with covers to protect the device from any dust particle because even the small debris can affect the quality of the music. If you want to use the turntable, remove the dust cover to operate the record player and place it again after each usage.

The circular platter holds the vinyl record and it contains dust cover which acts as the barrier between the pollutant in the atmospheric air and the platter, it also helps to protect the device from any damages or scratches.

2) Make sure the Turntable is Not Spinning

The turntable should not spin before placing the vinyl record onto the platter because it may decrease the quality of the device. Some turntable starts spinning automatically when you bring the needle close to the platter, and many other devices contain switches to start the rotation.

3) Place the Record on the Platter

Once you set the turntable to keep the record on the platter, make sure it fixes to the edges of the device. Each record has a hole in the center for holding the spindle and don’t touch it while playing the music. When you need to remove the recorder for placing the other one, grab the edges tightly and keep it in the dust free place.

Apart from preparing there are five important steps you need to follow while operating the Turntable.

1) Put the platter into motion

Most of the turntable contains switches for controlling the device and it also contains speed selectors such as off, 33 and 45 rpm etc so that you can change it by repositioning the belt based on your needs, ensure to check the rotation per minute of your turntable before buying the record.

For example, the 12 inches records usually require 33rpm to play any music.

2) Lift the Tonearm

Just press the switch to lift the tonearm automatically, some devices have cue lever for raising or lowering the position of the arm. If your turntables have no these type of features, then lift it by gently picking the handle of the arm and place it over the records.

3) Position the Tonearm

You can find some space before the records and try to keep the arm directly to that place so that you can hear all your favorite music from the beginning. Many turntables comes with cueing feature to change the position of the tonearm within few minutes.

4) Lower the Stylus onto the Record

Place the arm on the vinyl record, the stylus should fix onto the record’s edges and this can be done by lowering the position until you hear the clicking or popping sound. The recording starts with this process and with the cueing lever, you can adjust it easily without doing it manually. Try to lower the stylus carefully because when you do vigorously it will damage the device.

5) Put the Tonearm Back into the Place

After hearing the music, it is important to keep the tonearm back to the resting place, you can do this by lifting the head of the arm. If you have an automatic turntable, it will do all the work for you by simply pressing the switches and once the record is over, it will return the stylus to its original position.

Try to follow the above steps to listen to the music which is on the other side of the record.

Bottom Line

Hope you got clear ideas on operating the turntable from the above steps and make sure you are choosing the good turntable for the effective operation. Handle your device carefully while hearing the records and keep your turntable clean for longevity.

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