How To Improve Sound On Turntable?

People love to listen to the turntable records with a clear sound output. Some of the older devices produce poor quality sounds. In those cases, the users have to detect and rectify the problem in order to achieve the maximum sound.

How To Improve Sound On Turntable

The quality of sound can be increased by cleaning the parts of the turntable and replacing it with correctly fitted parts and maintaining it in a good condition. While listening to the music, you have to ensure whether the sound is clear or not. Otherwise, you need to take the proper steps to reduce the problem. The voice of the device can be improved in many other ways.

By Using Phono Cartridge

The vital role of the phono cartridge is to convert the vibrations into sound. It is used to be found at the end of the tone arm on a record player. The vibrations travel from the stylus into the cartridge and get converted into electrical signals. These signals pass into the pre-amp or amplifier. Thus, it makes the sound quality better.  If you use the turntable for the longest periods of time, the cartridge tends to produce the poor quality audio signals to the users. So, it is necessary to change the cartridge regularly without fail.

You can use the ceramic or crystal cartridge instead of the magnetic cartridge as it seems to be  the lightweight one. The stylus gets attached to the cartridge. It seems to produce fluctuations in the magnetic field, which produces an electric current, and it further passes to the amplifier to amplify the audio signals.

Replacing The Record Player Stylus

As the stylus is considered to be the most important part of the turntable, you should maintain it with proper care. An old stylus won’t produce the best quality of sound. So, you should replace the stylus after 250 hours of time.

The quality of sound is based on the type and shape of the stylus used in the turntable. The spherical or conical needles won’t produce the best results when compared to the elliptical stylus. Because spherical or conical stylus is roughly connected with the record. So, it is recommended to purchase the elliptical shaped stylus to achieve the good audio signals.

Maintaining The Stylus

People should use the small tip needles in the turntable as it makes good contact with the record groove. Thus, it produces the best quality sound to the people. The high-quality needles cost expensive than the others. After some days, dust may deposit on the stylus and you should clean it with the specially designed stylus brush.

Upgrading The Tonearm

The tonearm has the responsibility to keep the phono cartridge and the stylus in one particular place. Its function is to assist the stylus by following the groove in the record. It can be done by limiting the downward force with the help of a counterweight. The weight of the turntable should be light so as to groove the record. But, this action won’t affect the stylus in any way.

You can use the anti-stake mechanism or linear tracking that is used to avoid the tone arm moving to the center position. When you change the cartridge, it is necessary to change the tone arm.

Pairing A Tonearm With Phono Cartridge

The phono cartridge works efficiently with the good tonearm. You can use the straight and S- shaped tonearms as they both resonate at a specific frequency. Resonation depends on the weight of the tone arm. The frequency may fall in between 10 Hz to 14 Hz.

With the help of the mechanical specifications, you can determine it. You can use the tone arm with the adjustable counter weight  and for that, you can use the suitable cartridge.

Platter Mat

Placing the platter mat below the turntable can cause damage to the sound quality. The platter is the one which seems to be a part of the record player that is used for holding the record. When you keep the platter mat on the top of the turntable, it helps to provide support to the record. It reduces the mechanical vibrations which affect the sound quality.

The platter is made of the best quality materials and prevents the records from slippage. The properly sized platter mat protects the surface of the record.  You can use the mats made of rubber, cork, copper, carbon, etc. It is highly recommended to use the antistatic mat to reduce the noise and dust, which is produced by the static electricity.  Select the platter mat based on the design of the turntable, tonearm, and cartridge.

How To Choose The Parts Of Turntable?

The selection of the parts of the turntable is based on the design of the turntable. It is important to purchase the parts that should be fitted correctly into it.  Based on the model number of the turntable, you can buy the compatible parts to it. If it seems to be duplicate, you can purchase the products from the audio electronic companies.

How To Clean The Turntable?

If you have a belt- driven turntable, you should clean the belt to achieve the good quality of sound. Wash the belt with water and  remove the dust by using soft cloth after the wet gets dried.  It helps to improve the quality of sound.

How To Clean The Platter?

The debris deposits on the platter, enter into the vinyl and then it runs into the stylus which widely affects the sound.  Every time after the turntable had finished playing records, the listener needs to clean it.

You can increase the quality of sound by following the instructions regularly without fail. Let us know your feedback about the review.

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