Jensen JTA-230 3 Speed Stereo Turntable with Built in Speakers Review

The brand Jensen deals with the manufacturing and marketing of the electronics products since 1915. With their experience, they started marketing turntables with an intention of producing a product that functions well, as well as, produce good quality of sound.

Jensen JTA-230 3 Speed Stereo Turntable with Built in Speakers Review

Jensen limits it manufacturing only with few products and focus on improving those products alone which benefits them to produce good turntables. Also, their products mostly range $ 50 – $ 100, that made them be a part of the best-seller category.

To compensate the needs of the people of this modern generation, Jensen has developed a product with the USB connectivity in order to help you to digitize your recorded tracks. It is the Jenson JTA-230 model which claims that it can be used easily. But, do the meet the standards? Read the following review to know the essential details of this particular product in all aspects.

Product Overview

The Jensen JTA-230 is an entry level music expert, which comes with all the essential qualities required for a general player. It also comes with the built-in speakers and is capable of adjusting speeds. It is preferred to be used by beginners who are new to vinyl record playing. Let us now look into the features in detail to know if it is worth purchasing.

Remarkable Features

It facilitates an auto-stop feature with the help of the which, the platter stops rotating as soon as the needle touches the end of the record. Soon after stopping, the tone arm comes back to its original place to rest.

It consists of a plastic tone arm without a lever to lift. Every time, it has to be lifted manually to place it in its place.

It consists of a platter which is connected to the motor with the help of the elastic belt. The motor takes care of spinning the platter. The spinning can be done in either of the belt driven or direct driven ways. In the case of the direct drive, the platter is connected to the motor’s shaft.

The presence of the belt helps in reducing vibration and effective reduction of noise while running. Also, the product is capable of playing records at three different speeds; 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM.

The platter is small in size. The product comes with the ceramic cartridge which makes the product affordable at a lower cost. The ceramic cartridges are resistant, sturdy and are less sensitive to noise due to which the external noises go unnoticed while playback.

The stylus is made of diamond with 0.7Mil radii and is capable of playing only two speeds and requires purchasing an additional stylus of 3 Mil to play the 78 RPM records. However, the stylus slips out of the groove when playing tracks at lower frequencies. As this device piece does not provide a counterweight, a penny can be placed on the top of the cartridge to avoid stylus slips.

Controls Available

It has a Power switch which helps in ON/OFF and an indicator to indicate the power supply. The presence of the auto stop switch helps in controlling the playback. It has a treble control which helps in enabling adjustments of the treble and bass when playing the music. Also, it has a volume control to control the volumes. With the help of the pitch control, the adjustments of tuning and speed can be done effectively. The speed selector helps in switching between different speeds they offer.

Sound Quality

With the help of the built-in speakers, the sound is reproduced in very good quality even if it is not louder. The quality is not bothered when adjusting the volumes. However, the sound quality can be further enhanced by connecting the player to the external receiver or a stereo.

Jensen JTA-230 3 Speed Stereo Turntable with Built-in Speakers

Key features: Diamond stylus, Ceramic cartridge, and plastic tone arm.

Pros: Affordable, compact, decent sound quality, and good controls.


It lacks the lever for lifting the tone arm which is tedious to do manually. The built-in speakers could have been a little bigger and louder. It also lacks the counterweight to balance. The product is devoid of upgrading it further.


Overall, the Jensen JTA-230 is a turntable which in spite of the drawbacks is capable of producing good quality of sounds with its features at an affordable price range. We suggest this player only for those who expect only a good quality listening devoid of the background noises. However, those who wish to have a louder sound quality and require an automatic feature can try other options available.

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