How To Keep Record Collection Safe?

Record collections are considered as the most valuable ones. Especially, the vinyl collections provide the greatest sound quality than the others. So, you should handle them properly. If you keep them safe, the next generation people can use those records and enjoy the music without limits. No other digital collections are, as worth as, the record collection.

How To Keep Record Collection Safe

Keeping the records safe can maximize the lifespan of the records.

Handling The Records

Before handling the vinyl records, you must wash your hands with clean water and thoroughly dry your hands.  It is advised to touch the records after the hands get dried. When handling, you have to touch only the edges and the label areas and not the other portions of the record. Also, avoid touching the records with oiled hands. In the case of handling in an improper way, your records may get dropped and cause a break in the records.

Stacking The Records

The vinyl records are made of polyvinyl chloride which makes it a lightweight object. So, you should handle the records very carefully. Otherwise, damages like the scratch, break and wrap the shape of the record;seems to produce more noise at the time of playing the records. Avoid stacking the records very closely with each other. It needs some space to breathe and to have a long life span.

Storing The Records

You should store the records vertically on the shelf.  Avoid keeping the records in a horizontal position.  It is advised to avoid placing the records one above the other. It is necessary to keep the records in a cool and dry place. Avoid keeping the vinyl records of different sizes together. People must place the 45s separate from 78s.

Right Containers

As the vinyl records are available in the different sizes and shapes, you should find out the suitable containers for storing them. The storage containers should be made of acid and lignin free paper stock or cardboard.

Don’t use the containers which can retain the static charge. If you use an air-tight container, people should place occasional vacuum to provide superior protection to the records. Record cases or crates seem to be the best one to hold the records safe.

Avoiding The Records  Exposure To Sunlight

As the vinyl records are made of the plastic materials, you should not keep the records in exposure to the direct sunlight as it will get melted. You have to store your records away from the heating sources or open fires.

Avoid Moisture

You should avoid the records in contact with moisture. If you keep in contact with the records, the sleeve gets wet and mold tends to form surrounding the records and become worthless. In the case of wet condition, you should dry it by keeping in the air.

Cleaning The Records

Before and after listening to the music on records, you must clean them. By cleaning the records regularly, your vinyl record stays for the longest periods of time and produces the superior sound to the listeners. The vinyl records can be cleaned with the specially designed brush.  You must carefully insert, cover, and store the records.

You can use the soft and lint-free cloth to remove the dust from it. Soft-cotton seems to be the best choice to clean the records. Wet the cloth in the mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water. Wipe the records in a circular motion from the edges to the center. Avoid rubbing the records roughly by applying more pressure on it.

Avoid using your old T-shirts to clean your records. It may not feel soft while removing the dust from it. Some damages like scratch or breakage may happen. You can use the carbon fiber record cleaning brush to lift the dirt from the records.

Avoid Removing Them from Their Sleeves

The sleeves play an important part in giving protection to your records. No other dust particles can damage your records as the sleeves are designed to save the records. If you notice any damage or mildew infection in the sleeve,  replace it with a new one immediately.

Avoid Playing The Records With Dull Stylus

The dull stylus will not suit the grooves of the record. It causes damage to it and produces a very poor quality of sound to the listeners and reduces the worth of the record. You are advised to clean the stylus regularly. The dust can be removed by using the specially designed brush. If you feel that the stylus is already worn out, you should replace it with a new one.

Maintaining The Shellac Records

You need to take one extra step to maintain the shellac records safe. Avoid cleaning them with alcohol. Instead, use the special cleaning solutions to remove the dust from it. You can also use the dish washing liquid and a bristle brush to clean the records.

If you want to maintain the records in a proper way, you are requested to follow the instructions periodically without fail. Let us know your comments about the review.

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