How To Operate A Record Player?

The history of the turntable usage stands over 100 years. But, in the meantime; with the invention of newer devices using the latest technology and the convenience of playing tracks at your own space, made the record player lose its fame.

How To Operate A Record Player

But, recently, there has been a revival has regained the craze for using record players. However, there are many who purchase a turntable out of eagerness or with the fondness of trying the ancient device. They are not aware of how to play records using them as it requires several steps to initiate playing records.

Considering those people, we have featured this article with the simple steps that has to be followed when playing records. Continue reading the article below to know the steps involved.

What Are The Things Required To Initiate Operation?

Except for the record player of a renowned brand or the one with quality and a set of vinyl records, the process does not require any other things.

How To Operate It?

Operating the record player is not that complicated, the following steps are necessary to be followed to play records.

  1. Preparation

Begin by lifting the lid of your turntable, which is wrapped to protect the record from getting dusted. In the case of having a hinged dust cover, the cover can be lifted and lowered down back when playing records.

Also, consider removing the dust cover from the platter too. Ensure that your record is not in a spinning position with the needle on the top. Failing this will make the record get scratched.

  1. Loading

After you complete the preparation steps, remove the record from the case and slip it into the platter. Remember, you have to handle the platter only by touching the edges and not any other place. Decide the side which you are going to play as only a single side can be played at a single time.

  1. Speed Set Up

After loading the records in position, set up the speed with which you are going to run the records. This can be done either by adjusting the belt positions or by selecting the switch that controls the speed.

  1. Tone Arm Setting

If you have a record player with a cue switch, the tone arm can be adjusted by a simple touch of the cue switch. In other cases, you have to manually lift the tone arm by holding the handle of the tone arm, followed by raising it.

Make sure that the tone arm is positioned in such a way that it rests above the record groove to begin the record. With this, the stylus will automatically get set in the record’s groove.

  1. Listening To Music

After all these steps, your record will start playing the recorded tracks on the A side. After it finishes running, lift the tone arm and flip the side of the record followed by placing the tone arm back to its place in order to play the next side.

  1. Unloading

Soon after listening to the recorded tracks, gently lift the tone arm and take up the record and place it into the record jacket. Then, cover the tonearm, cartridge, platter and the record player with the dust cover you use.

Final Words

These are the steps involved in operating the record player to play the recorded tracks. The sound quality can be improved by plugging the player to an external speaker or to a stereo system. Also, the records have to be properly maintained and cleaned regularly to avoid damages and to play tracks efficiently. In addition to this, if any of the parts requires replacement, makes sure you replace them immediately. The needle can be replaced by using the record player for prolonged time so as to avoid scratches in the records.

Follow all these steps and tips and operate your record player to enjoy listening to your collection of recorded tracks. Also, write to us about how this article guided you to operate the record player. Happy listening!!

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