How to Play Music Using A Turntable?

Do you like to sit and listen to the music? The turntable plays a major role in playing the records in a superior way. Other storage devices like cassettes, CDs and DVDs cannot compete with the turntable’s sound quality.

How to Play Music By Using Turntable

But nowadays, you can hear the old collections of music only on the turntable. This is found to be difficult to the younger generation as they are unaware of the method of playing music using them. The following article will help you to know about how to play the music using a turntable.

What is a Turntable?

The turntable is a device which is used to hear the music. With the help of the many different features equipped with it, it is used to give a pleasant music to the people. The multiple parts of the turntable play a primary role in producing the music.

How to Play the Music?

Platter and the cartridge: When the turntable is in use, the records had to be placed on the platter which had to fit into the hole. The cartridge is a kind of box in which the magnets and the stylus help to produce the audio signals. Moving magnets and the moving coil are the two types of cartridges. The moving coil cartridge provides the best sound quality than the other one.

Tone arm: The tone arm, available in various shapes, sizes, styles, etc., gets attached to the cartridge and the stylus enable to track around the record.

Amplification: The audio signals coming from the cartridge are in a faint condition; so that, phono pre-amp is used to amplify the signals before going into the line input. The low-cost phono storages work well with the MM cartridges, while the plug and play turntables have built-in phono pre-amp. But, in some of the turntables, the pre-amp is not present and requires separate purchasing.

The stylus: Stylus is a type of needle, which had been fitted with the diamond at its tip. It should be flexible so as to rewind or play the songs as per your wish i.e., you can skip the song or you can replay that song once. But, the diamond can be sized, and shaped in different ways. The costlier shapes of the needle play a major role in tracking the recordings in the best way. On using the best DJ turntable, you can be able to mix the different songs and produce some new and unique remix ones.

Listening: The music can be heard with the help of the inbuilt speakers, or by purchasing the separate speaker to connect with the turntable. You can connect the turntables with the computer, mobile phones, tablets or any other digital devices and listen to the music.

The features present on the turntable helps to give you the very best recordings. If you like this article, share it on social networking sites.

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