Setting Up A Vinyl System

Vinyl records are the music storage devices that remain safe and active from the past. They are spread all over the world and many people like to hear music with the help of the vinyl records. The device used for playing vinyl records is the record player of the turntable.

Points To Remember Before Setting Up A Vinyl System

Many old people knew about the initialization and working on vinyl records but, the beginner does not know about the assembly and how to start up with a vinyl record. This article will help those beginners with vinyl records and record players.

Setting The Vinyl System

The important step that the beginners need to remember is the setting up of the vinyl system. The basic requirement used while setting up a vinyl system is a turntable. The turntable used by the user should be made out of high-quality materials and the system should be durable. It should also have many additional features and these additional features will support the users to a great extent.


The basic information that the beginner should know is that all the turntables are not recorded players because some turntables lack functions such as speakers, amplifiers etc. the turntables with all these inbuilt functions is referred as record players.  Some additional features of modern record players are portability, Bluetooth access, audio jack, FM capability etc.

Though there are many advanced features in the new turntable, some users prefer old system because the performance of the old system is higher than the new ones. For your reference, here is some information about record players that you should know before setting up a system.

Modern Turntables

As mentioned above, there are many advanced and new features in the modern turntables. Various features and their uses are as follows.

USB: The important advanced feature is the USB connection in the turntable. With this feature, the turntable can be interfaced easily with the computer and the music from the turntable can be easily digitized with this feature.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth facility allows the turntable to interface it with other MP3 devices that have Bluetooth access. The Bluetooth allows you to hear the music anywhere in the home. The important note about Bluetooth is that it offers good and efficient music when the receiver is placed within the coverage area.

Audio Jack: With the help of the audio jack, the user can easily plug in headphones or any devices that offer audio output. The common device plugged into the audio jack is the headphones. This device helps the user to hear the music personally without the interaction of other noises.

Portable: The advanced turntables are designed with portability. These turntables are made less weight and are designed in the form of a suitcase. With this feature, the user can take the turntable wherever needed.

Old Models

Some users of record player prefer the old system of record players because the old system is high-quality and they reproduce music without any loss. The turntables used in these old systems are belt driven turntables and the user should check the condition of the belt before using it.

If you are a beginner, then you should check well the old turntable before buying it. Next, the beginners will require a preamplifier because many of the old models do not have inbuilt preamplifiers and speakers.

The important point to note is the old system lacks many additional features preferred by the new system. The old system can be interfaced with the computer, but it requires a complicated wired circuit to perform that function. Here are some important points that you should keep in mind while using an old turntable.

Other Models

Other than these models, there is another model of a record player that offers many inbuilt facilities. This type of record player has inbuilt CD player, AM/FM player, tape deck, and stereo speakers.

This model can be used as any kind of player and it offers complete user comfort and support. This model also has USB facility and Bluetooth with it. This model can be used by all the beginners and it supports many users.

Vinyl Records

These records can be classified into various types based on the size, weight, and speed. The vinyl records with weight 180g offer high durability than the other records.

This record can withstand any condition and can easily withstand wear and tear. Based on the size, the vinyl records can be classified into three types;7-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch. Both the 7 and the 10-inch record players operate in the range of 45 rpm speed whereas, the 12-inch players operates in 33-1/3 rpm speed.

Buying Vinyl Records

As mentioned above, the vinyl records can be classified into many types and the users can select the perfect vinyl record that suits your turntable. The user should also check the quality of vinyl record and the type of music stored in the vinyl record.

Any loss in this will affect the performance of the system. After selecting the vinyl record, choose the best dustproof cover for the record because it will help to maintain the quality of the record. Some vinyl records come with inbuilt dust free covers.

Buying Records Online

Buying the vinyl records in stores is very easy because one can check them and get them. But some important points should be considered by the persons who buy the vinyl records online.

They must check the vinyl record before getting it from an online retailer. The records may get scratched or wrapped. Some users buy old vinyl records from online; they should check the damages and size of the record before buying it.

Assembly And Set Up

After choosing the correct type and kind of the vinyl record and the record player, the beginner can easily assemble the vinyl system. After this, the user should place the vinyl record on the platter of the turntable. This will allow the user to hear the pleasant music from the turntable and enables the beginner to have a pleasant music experience.

So, setting up of the vinyl system is an important step that will help the beginner to enjoy the music from the record player. So, select the best components for your vinyl system and share your views with us in the box given below.

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