Potential Disorders And Maintenance Tips For Record And Record Players

Music has become a passion for many people. The record player is a device originated from the past; it is still used by many people all over the world. This is because it offers a high-quality music experience.

potential Disorders And Caring Tips For Record And Record Players

The record players should be kept safe from the damages. There are many factors that cause damage to the record players, but to keep the players durable, these damages should be avoided completely.

Basics Of Record Player

Before knowing about the damages of the record player, the user should know about the basics of the turntable. The traditional record player is also referred as turntable and the important parts of the turntable are

Plinth: Plinth is the region that offers complete support to other components of the turntable. The plinth is made up of a durable material such as aluminum, plastic or steel and it forms the base of the record player.

Platter: The spinning region of the turntable is referred as a platter. It is connected with the motor either directly or indirectly. It has two drive mechanisms. The record is placed on the platter for effective spinning.

Tonearm: The next important region of the record player is the tone arm. The tonearm is flexible and carries important parts like the cartilage and the needle. The needle should be kept strong and durable for effective performance.

Potential Damages To Record Player

The potential damages in the record player will affect the quality of the record player and its sound performance. There are many potential factors that affect the quality of the record players. The important potential damages are given below,

Moisture Damage

Some users of the record players will be aware of various techniques that will reduce the popping and tick noises in your record. Such techniques include ‘wet-playing’ in which the record is wetted before putting into the record player. Though this technique is useful, it damages the record to a great extent.

This technique deepens the scratches in the record and drives abrasions into the record and makes its sound worse. The causes of wet playing are listed below.

  • The wet record easily accumulates the dust particles with oil and water.
  • The platter and needle become grimy and this leads to improper functioning.

So, after every record playing the users should check the record player and the turntable. They should clean the record players and keep them safe.

Buildup On Stylus

The next important damage that commonly occurs in the record player is the build up on the stylus. Stylus is the needle that is fixed with the tone arm along with the cartilage. At the time of playing, the needle is in contact with the vinyl record and offers sound. The needle is not a pointer because the pointed needle may hurt the vinyl record. In turn, the needles are rounded to keep the record safe.

The stylus should be kept clean for producing high-quality sound. Dust may get built in the stylus due to vibration and magnetic field. Other than this, if the vinyl record contains dirt, then the needle would have dust in it.

While playing the record with a needle, it offers cluck and skip sounds. The needle can eliminate hard dirt’s on the way, but when coming to small dirt; it does not eliminate and starts damaging the record. Sometimes, the round-bottomed needle may become rough with this dirt.

So to avoid this, the needle should be cleaned properly and completely. There are various methods for cleaning the needle. The steps used to clean the needle are as follows.

  • Use a soft and small brush for cleaning the needle with the soap liquid.
  • Apply this to the needle with a stroking motion.
  • Do it with little pressure, increased pressure or force may harm the needle.
  • Clean the needle well and check it for efficiency. It the needle did not replace its efficiency, and then use a new one.

Power Cord

Power cord malfunctioning is the next important drawback of the record player. If the record player is not in ON condition even after plugging it in a suitable power supply, then it is referred as power cord malfunctioning. This is mainly due to the following reasons

  • Improper fixing of the outlet of the cable may cause a power failure in the record player.
  • The old one may have loosened power cord and this will also lead to power failure.
  • The cable can be worn out by small pet animals which also lead to power failure.
  • The old cables may have improper functioning which leads to power failure.

For all the above reasons, replacing power cord suits the best to make your record player work the best.

Caring Tips For Vinyl Record

To avoid the improper functioning of vinyl player, the records should be cleaned properly and the record player should be used efficiently without any drawbacks. Here are some caring techniques for vinyl records and their players.

Cueing Mechanism

The common mistake done by many people is cueing. While cueing the record player, many people lift the tone arm simply with a bare hand. This should be avoided completely because it will affect the stylus to a greater extent. So to avoid this, the user should use the cueing lever to lift and drop the tone arm. This will keep the needle safely without any drawbacks.

Proper Storage

From the above disorders, it is clear that dust is the key factor that damages the record and record player. So, the user should store the records and the record player in a proper way. While storing the records, dust free covers should be used, such that they can be kept safe from dust. Other than this, the user should clean their record and record player before and after using them. This will maintain the efficiency of the player.


To keep the vinyl records safely handling is very important. The records should be handled appropriately in the correct way. The user should not touch the records with bare fingers because bare fingers contain oil and water which will become an important cause for dust buildup. The user should use proper gloves while using a record or else they should touch only the ridge of the record and clean them completely.

These are the various disorders and caring tips that you should maintain perfectly while using a record. So save your records and record player from such disorders and hear the high-quality music. Further, if you have queries comment it in the box.