Pro-Ject Debut Carbon-Review

It is manufactured and marketed by the project audio systems; a European company based in Austria. They are one of the leading manufacturers of the turntables and other musical products. Their products are usually reliable with a high quality offering the best performance.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon-Review


The Pro-ject debut carbon model does not look attractive just like the pro-ject debut III model. However, it is built with the superior quality interiors. It comes with an extra large platter that is heavy and also has a tone arm of 8.6” carbon tube. It provides splendid options with 7 glossy colors to choose the one that matches your interiors. It comes with a felt mat placed below along with a dust cover to offer protection.

Noticeable Features

The noticeable feature of the product is the tone arm made of carbon fiber. The product is named so because of this special feature. Also, the tone arm cable is made to be easily detachable.

It is belt driven turntable with an AC motor with a pulley made of metal that is used for switching between the speeds. The device is capable of playing two different speeds namely; 33 1/3 and 45 RPMs.

The plinth or the platter of the table is made of the wood derived material with a glossy finish. The platter as already mentioned is wider and is made of the metal. The presence of the felt mat helps in reducing the vibrations with decoupling.

The motor is built with the screwed down damp mounted pad to reduce vibrations. The stylus is elliptically shaped and comes with a cartridge of Ortofon 2M red which is a moving magnet type with an output voltage of 2.5mV vs. 2V.

Set Up

Setting up the turntable is a bit tedious task to be performed. With the help of a plastic tool, the belt from the pulley has to be installed to the platter hub. There are two diameters of the pulley to switch between the different speeds.

The speeds can be changed only by removing the platter and by adjusting the belt diameter to a particular speed.

Now, the counterweight has to be placed on the end of the tone arm. It has to be rotated until the arm is balanced to be flat. The calibration ring has to be set to zero following the winding of the counterweight to be 15.

The anti-skating weight is a nylon thread which has to be held to the back end of the lever by suspending the weight above the turntable so as to maintain the counter force balance.

The Perspex lip seats perfectly to the hinge rods and the 16V power wart provides power supply. Soon after plugging in, the turntable is now ready to be played.

Sound Quality

Soon after plugging in, the sound system works well with an excellent quality and a high output level.  The device is capable of producing sounds with respect to the quality of the record track played. With the presence of carbon fiber, it outperforms in musical flow and warmness. It shows an impressive depth and spaciousness along with the image stability. With the benefits of the wide platter, the sound vibrations are reduced. The tone arm seems to be stiff to reproduce good quality sounds.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

Key features: carbon fiber tone arm, moving magnet cartridge, wide platter

Pros: Affordable, low noise motor, good looking.


The product is judged to be affordable, attractive and satisfying. The turntable has distinct features which the other competitors are devoid of. Although the platter is heavy to handle and the fact that it does not suit the DJ’s it offers excellent quality of sound and is sure to impress the buyers. The product also comes with a 2-year warranty and is one of the best choices of product at this cost.

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