Pro-Ject Debut III Turntable In Piano Black W-Ortofon Om-5 Review

The product is a make of the project audio systems. It is a European company based in Austria. They are one of the leading manufacturers of the turntables and the required accessories. Their products are usually reliable with a high quality offering the best performance. The article here reviews the debut III turntable by analyzing the various features in detail.

Pro-Ject Debut III Turntable In Piano Black W-Ortofon Om-5 Review

Product Overview

The pro-ject debut III is a belt driven turntable which comes with a motor that can run quietly. It is made in a way such that it is easy to assemble without any complex steps. They are made in 9 colors that give a glossy look and the exception being the black matte. Let us now look into the analysis of their features.

The Salient Features

The outstanding features of the pro-ject debut III include the following,

Platter And The Motor

The turntable comes with a platter made of MDF in black color or in other glossy colors as already mentioned. The platter is made of steel and weighs about 1.3kg. It is fitted with a felt mat for enabling the record to fit into the platter without getting scratched.

It is a high-end turntable which is to be operated manually. The absence of the arm lift mechanism makes it easier to use even if you have an unsteady hand.

It comes with an AC motor that is decoupled in order to reduce the noise produced while running. Also, it is capable of reducing the vibrations produced. As they are attached with a rubber ring, they are capable of reducing the noise.

It is built with a shaft made of chrome-plated stainless steel which offers low tolerance and it runs on a polished ball bearing that is placed within the brass bearing housing.

With the help of the damping feet that are isolated, it reduces the vibrations and their effects produced.


The product is capable of running records at two different speeds; 33 1/3 and 45 RPM. The motor built in the product is equipped with the pulley, to which the belt goes revolving. By removing the platter and adjusting the belt, the speeds can be switched between the two RPMs.

In addition to the two speeds, it can also be used to play the 78 RPM speeds. But, it does not come with the product and it has to be purchased separately as a pulley and has to be fixed to this.

The Tone Arm

It is built with an 8.6” tonearm that has an aluminum headshell both of which are made out of a single piece of aluminum. The bearings of the tone arm are inverted such that it can hold the inverted hardened steel points and the thrust pad made of sapphire.

The arm tube is featured with a single fixing screw which makes it easier to adjust the needle to be placed in the center irrespective of the headshell. Also, the arm lift is silicon dampened for easy operation.

The Cartridge

Although several high-end turntable brands do not offer a cartridge, the pro-ject debut III comes with the Ortofon OM5e cartridge. It is a moving magnet cartridge and is preset making it convenient. The output voltage of these cartridges is around 2.5 mV vs 2V.

The Amplifier

It comes with a built-in phono preamp amplifier and is easier to plug and play to the audio systems. It has a USB type B socket to hold the USB device; they are programmed to be standard with the built-in analog to digital converter. With the phono preamplifier, the sound recorded on the vinyl is amplified and gives a sound noise ratio of 20 Db with EIAA equalization to reproduce the transmissions of the frequencies and make them sound flat.

Pro-Ject Debut III Turntable In Piano Black W-Ortofon Om-5

Key features: Belt driven system, AC motor, aluminum tone arm

Pros: Built-in cartridge, Easy assembly, Noiseless running.


Even though the product allows purchasing the pulley to play 78 RPM speeds, the cartridge built with the turntable is not compatible for playing those speeds. Although the set-up is made easy with following the videos that come with the product, it can’t be manually set up with just the instructions given in the package. Also, the steel platter does not benefit those who like listening.


The product cannot be judged to be useless on the whole; it comes with many distinct features and offers performance at an affordable price range. However, there are other brands which cost a little lower than this product and are offering performance a little higher than this particular product. It depends on the opinions of the person purchasing it. So, better you go with several reviews and compare the products before purchasing.

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