Rega RP1 Turntable- Review

The Rega RP1 is one of the simplest turntables available in the market. It serves the purpose of playing the old records without the special features such as the USB compatibility to digitize them. The brand Rega manufactures and sells turntables along with the several products related to the music industry abroad. This particular product has won several awards for the better quality of sound they offer. So, we created this article to list down their features to know how they stood unique.

Rega RP1 Turntable- Review

Product Details

The Rega RP1 has an extraordinary build quality along with a reliable and easy usage which makes them provide music entertainment. The components built to make the product are upgraded to reproduce precise sounds better than its rivals. The product comes in a minimalistic design and offers performance that is incomparable. Even with the usage of high-quality components, they are still priced low which makes the product to be more demandable.

The Exterior

The product is build to be kept simple in design by avoiding all the unwanted buttons; it is made by giving a focus on the performance area. With the design that looks retro, it is suitable for modern homes with a retro interior.

It comes with a wide plinth that looks plain along with a tone arm that looks plain too. It is not equipped with any fancy buttons except for the simple on/off button. The product is available in three different colors; cool gray, white, and titanium.

Notable Specs

The rectangular plinth is made of phenolic resin, with three feet that are made of rubber material. The plinth is made up of wooden material which gives a retro look and it also helps in reducing the vibrations. The center of the plinth is attached with bearings made of brass which rolls over the steel thrust ball along with a steel spindle.

The stylus is elliptical in shape.

The product comes with a synchronous motor which is driven with the help of the rubber belts. It uses self-adhesive foams to cushion the motor so as to reduce noise and vibrations.

It is capable of playing records at two different speeds; 33 1/3 and 45 RPM. The axle of the motor is built with a pulley which has to be adjusted manually for switching between the speeds.

The tone arm is about 240 mm in length. The moving magnet cartridge of Ortofon OMB5 is pre-fitted and the position of the counterweight is marked already on the arm to which the anti-tasking force is being applied.


The setting up of the turntable is an easy task to do. The setting of the counterweight position of the tone arm is the typical setup process. Unlike the automatic player, the tone arm has to be adjusted to start playing and it has to be noted when it stops playing so that the torn arm can be brought back to its original place, failing which will keep the stylus rotating resulting in a wear and tear.

Changing the speeds also has to be done manually by removing the platter and adjusting the pulley present in the motor.

As the product come with an inbuilt pre-amp, it requires purchasing a new one to amplify the sound waves.

Rega RP1 Turntable

Key features: retro exterior, phenolic plinth, Moving magnet cartridge

Pros: Light weight, low noise level, easy assembly, affordable, quality sound.


On the whole, the Rega RP1 reproduces sound in a well-established way which is perfect for the turntable at this price range. With the noiseless motor ad zero vibration, the product delivers excellent sound quality. Even if it lacks the luxury features and being manual is the only drawback of this turntable and apart from that, the turntable is a product worth every penny spent.

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