How To Replace A Turntable Needle?

Most of the consumers need to know about the manual replacement techniques to implement. So, I hope this article helps the reader for grasping the steps to replace the turntable needle in case any repair occurs.

How To Replace A Turntable Needle

A Turntable Needle

Normally, the turntable needle is defined as the stylus; the cartridge is moulded around to support the stylus. The turntable’s diamond shaped needle is well equipped with the qualified cartridge to track the record in an efficient manner.

The needle implemented help to avoid the error occurrence during tracking the record; caused because of the unwanted vibration. It is best to buy the new one instead of the repaired needle to avoid further damages.

The turntable needle housed in the cartridge is used to upgrade the sound quality as it consists of the strength gripping quality to hold the record on the turntable tightly. The needle fixed, helps to rotate the platter along with the record to attain the high-speed operation.

More assistance is needed for the turntable needle since the needle used is a diamond, steel, bamboo material or may be an older device that needs to run over the platter. The cartridge paired with the turntable needle constitutes the capability of transforming the mechanical movements into electrical output.

It is necessary to check the turntable needle on a regular basis; because of the friction occurrence the record platter will get scratched or it may be get broken. The old type of turntable recorders uses the stylus needle with the speed of 78 rpm in which, few of the cartridge models uses dual stylus needles where one needle is placed in the cartridge and the another one is placed near the mouth of the holder.

Steps To Replace The Turntable Needle 

With the new turntable, it is necessary to take care of the stylus needle to avoid replacement due to the damages. If it comes for the replacement of the turntable needle, the below-described points are taken into consideration with great care and maintenance.

  • Before going to replace the repaired stylus needle with the new one, it is necessary to select the perfect needle that suits well with the turntable.
  • The second step is to make a note in the preparation of the turntable for the replacement of the stylus with the new one.
  • After preparing the turntable, the whole set up has to be switched off followed by holding and removing the record player lever, to release the cartridge arm, which further makes the replacement process easier.
  • Next step is to remove the old repaired needle by pulling out manually and keeping it aside. In case if it is stuck inside the cartridge,  use the compressed pliers to wrangle out.
  • After removing the old one, insert the new needle to get folded with the cartridge; it is necessary to ensure the gripping of the needle to the tone arm which faces gently down towards the cartridge.
  • The final step is to test the record player, to make sure that the needle gets affixed tightly.

Following these simple steps, you can replace the turntable needle on your own at your home.

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