How To Select The Best Turntable?

Without knowing anything about the turntable, some people go the shop and search for the turntable.  We prefer only a few turntables as the best choice because of its special features; it is used to separate the best one from the ordinary ones.

How To Select The Best Turntable

It is also used to produce the sound in a superior way. Before going to purchase the device, you should know about, “how to choose the best record player?“. Consider the following factors when choosing.

Determination Of the Budget

You can choose the best turntable based on the budget you have. If you don’t want to spend much cost on the turntable, you can select the reliable and a low-cost vintage turntable. Otherwise, to buy an expensive turntable, you can purchase the modern turntable which is equipped with several special features.

Manual Vs Automatic

 It is related with positioning the platter. If automatic, you just need to push the button to arise from its rest and then go to the slide. After playing the records, it automatically comes back to its original position. While in the case of the manual system, a person needs to lift the arm manually and place it on the record. It will produce the vibrations in the tone arm. The automatic turntable is being considered as the best one and suitable for newbies.

Rotational Speeds

Many of the turntables play the recordings at two different speeds. The seven-inch records are called as singles and are used to play at 45RPM. Whereas, the 12-inch records are called as albums and are used to play at 33RPM. The speed of the turntable can be increased when the needle move towards its center and the speed gets slower when the needle goes beyond outwards.

Belt Drive or Direct Drive

In the case of the belt drive, the rubber will get attached to the platter and the motor can absorb the shock in orde to prevent the vibration. But, considering the direct drive, the platter tend to rotate backwards, without producing any damage to the turntable. It may be used in the best brands of DJ turntable.

Parts To be Present on the Best Turntable

Look for the presence of the following parts when choosing a turntable.


It is a needle which had been fitted with the diamond at its tip. But, the diamond can be sized and shaped in different ways. The costlier shapes of the needle play a major role in tracking the recordings in the best way.


The Cartridge is a special kind of box in which magnets and stylus are present and it helps to produce the audio signals. Two types of cartridges are; moving magnets and moving coil. The moving coil cartridge provides the best sound quality than the other one. So, it is better to purchase that kind of coil.

Tone arm

The tone arm comes in various shapes, sizes, styles, etc., and gets fixed to the cartridge and stylus to enable in tracking the record.


 The shape of the tone arm is a circle and the record sits and spins on it. It is made of resin, glass, and acryliC.

Following the suggestions above, you can select the best turntable. It is essential to choose the device made of the best quality materials so that it can stay for the longest periods of time. Let us know your comments about the article.

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