How To Set the Tracking Force of Turntable?

Basically, setting the tracking force of turntable is based on the kind of turntable you have. Many of the people are getting disappointed due to setting the tracking force in an improper way. Setting it in an incorrect way, disables you to hear the pleasant music of the turntable. If you set the device in a proper way, you can enjoy the music without any limits.

How To Set the Tracking Force of Turntable

The setting of the turntable can be done in a correct way by setting the tracking force and anti-stake.  The tracking force settings of turntable require only small periods, and it can be done very easily. Our guide below will help you to do the operation successfully.

Why Should You Set the Tracking Force?

Setting the tracking force on the turntable, enables you to get the clear music from your device with the tone arm producing a limited amount of speed. You can also save your record from getting scratched. Sometimes, the tone arm will scratch the records. Setting the tracking force by balancing the tonearm provides the best results to the users.

How to reset the Tone arm?

Resetting the tone arm is not the toughest job,it can be done very easily. Initially, set the anti stake setting to be “0”. The knob which is in the shape of a cylinder gets to be adjusted until the tonearm reaches the balanced level.  For adjusting, you can contact the cartridge manufacturer.

How to adjust the Gauge on Platter?

You have to set the gauge above the turntable. This can be done by placing the cartridge on the gauge, which produces the readings in digital format and then adjusting the counterweight dial.

How to adjust the Weight  of the Audio?

If you feel that the sound quality is not better, you can increase the weight on the tracking forces. You have to keep more bass on the tracks. Bass, refers to the traction between the stylus and record.  If you place less weight on the stylus, traction produced will be less along with a low bass. On using the basic audio equipment, the adjustments in the weight won’t produce much difference in the quality of the sound.

How to balance the Tone arm?

You should begin the process after the power gets turned off. Before starting the process of balancing the tone arm, examine whether the cartridges and the stylus are being attached to the head shell.  To get the best results, remove the upholstery of the stylus. Otherwise, the stylus will get damaged. Reset the anti-stake to zero, which has to be placed on the surface of the turntable.

While balancing the tone arm, ensure that the platter and the cover on the stylus have been removed. Avoid damaging the stylus. By keeping the platter away, the tone arm set up can be done very easily. Then place the platter, and keep the tone arm based on the position of the platter. The counterweight at the end of the tone arm should negate the cartridge accurately.

Further, hold the head shell above the resting position of the tone arm so that the tone arm remains in stable position. On releasing it, the tone arm swings freely and become unbalanced.

If you find that the cartridge end of the tone arm floats on the air, move the counterweight towards the cartridge.  Suppose if it seems to be sinking down, remove the counterweight from the cartridge.

After balancing the tone arm put it in the rest position. Avoid touching the counter weight as you can’t find out the balance point.

Balancing the tone arm can be done in high-end turntables. Because in these devices, you can replace the plastic with a carbon tone arm and provide a thick platter to it.

Stylus Tracking Force

The tracking force is based on the kind of cartridge which is used on the turntable. You should note that the gauge ring of the stylus is rotating separately from the counter weight. After balancing the tone arm, the gauge ring rotates without adjusting the position of the counterweight until the number “0” has to come on the line in the center, which is at the top of the tone arm. This will indicate that the position of the counter weight is balanced as “zero gravity”.

Setting the Tracking Force

After achieving the level tone arm, you have to set the tracking force and anti-stake. The adjustments are based on the cartridge.  Setting the anti stake is based on the turntable. The anti-stake and tracking force are in accordance with the user’s ear.

Consulting the Custom Installer

After setting the tracking force on the turntable, contact the installer to check whether the settings are correct and are done in a proper way.  In an automatic turntable, tracking the force tends to be very difficult when compared to other high-end turntables.


By setting the tracking force on the turntable, you can get the best quality of audio signals without any skips. The tone arm and the stylus should not produce any scratches on the records or on the turntable.  It provides good performance without breakage in the songs.


The needle may skip on the record, which leads to producing the tracking errors. The distortion is produced on the entire turntable or on the parts of the device. The quality of the sound will become dull. Setting the tracking force incorrectly deteriorates the good performance in the clarity of sound.

To get the best results, you should apply the force on the cartridge.  You can set the tracking force by following the above points. Otherwise, you can read the instruction manual. If you find this article useful, share it on social networking sites.

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