The Shure M97xe- Review

The Shure M97xe is a high-performance magnetic phono cartridge which is smooth sounding to produce sounds that do not strain the ears. It is claimed to be capable of reproducing even the concentrated audio modulations. It is a low mass cartridge and is sensitive to reproduce sounds with extreme details and accuracy. In this article, we have dealt with the review of this particular product by analyzing the specs in detail.

The Shure M97xe- Review

Product description

The product is an audiophile model comes with a moving magnet cartridge with a standard ½ inch tonearm. It has an output voltage that is typical at 1 KHz and a root mean square being 5cm/ sec at a peak velocity.

It is built with a cantilever of Shure type II very low mass heat treated aluminum alloy that is tubular with 1.0 mil wall thickness and a 20 mil diameter. The tip of the stylus is elliptical in shape and is made of diamond and is polished with a 0.2*0.7 mil dimension.

The tracking force is effective at the stylus tip with at a range of 0.75 to 1.50 grams and is optimum at range of1.25 grams.  At the 400 Hz, it shows an amplitude of 80 m. It shows an essentially flat frequency response from 20 to 22,000 Hz. Within 2 dB the stereo channel is balanced and has a channel separation being typical at 1 KHz at 25dB. With a parallel 250 pf, it loads about 47 kilohms.

What are their unique features?

They are made with the following unique features to stand alone.

The dynamic stabilizer

The product is built with the viscous-damped dynamic stabilizer which is exclusively available with the Shure products. This helps in maintaining the distance between the record and the cartridge, when in the case of tedious playbacks.

Also, it does the same in case of the tone arms mismatch and those caused due to the damaged records. If the playback is ideal to be played, and when the stabilizer is not necessary to stabilize the sounds, it can be locked which in turn provides better sound quality.

The side-guard stylus protection system

The protection system used in the product is the innovative technology in which; the stylus damage is reduced when the stylus touches the records repeatedly.

It also forces the stylus cantilever and the tip upwards so as to avoid the bending of the stylus and thereby responding to the stylus side thrust.

Die-cast aluminum mounting block

As the product comes mounted with an aluminum block that is die-casted, it helps in ensuring safety along with providing a tone arm attachment which is free from vibration.

What are the accessories that come along?

The cartridge comes with the essential accessories such as the headshell screwdriver for easy troubleshoot, a stylus cleaning brush to help in dust removal, a mounting hardware for proper working, and a stylus guard to ensure safety to the stylus tips.

The Shure M97xe

Key features: polished diamond stylus, dynamic stabilizer.

Pros: Accurate sound response, tremendous reproduction irrespective of the frequency.


The Shure M97xe is said to offer good performance with the help of the diamond tip that is polished. It is one of the most recommended cartridges in the mid-range turntable category. The moving magnetic cartridge tracks sound efficient and also reduces noise produced due to the wearing of the record while playing. It suits all forms of music and functions as an outstanding performer.

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