How To Digitalize Your Vinyl Record?

The music and audio information in the vinyl records are totally different when compared to all the other types of records. Many people, like to hear music from the vinyl records. But an important drawback about this is that the vinyl record players; i.e. turntables are large and carrying it everywhere is merely impossible.

Steps To Digitalize Your Vinyl Record

To avoid this, vinyl LPs can be digitalized into an MP3 format and stored on mobile phones, iPod etc., and can be taken anywhere easily. This method is referred as the digitalizing of vinyl LP’s. This method can be done with the help of a turntable that can interface with the computer.

Hardware And Software Requirements

The important hardware component required for digitizing the vinyl recorder is the turntable. The turntable used for digitizing should have various innovative technologies in it. It should have the technology to interface itself with other devices such as PC, mobile phones, etc. Other than the interface, the turntable should have a preamplifier with it. If it does not have a preamplifier, then it should be connected with the phono preamplifier.

The turntable without a USB port can also be used for this technique but, it requires many complicated connections for digitizing the system. So, for the easy digitizing method, choose the turntable with audio amplifier and USB interface because turntable is the initial requirement for digitizing vinyl records. Other hardware’s required for this technique are connecting the cable, phono amplifier (if required), and a computer.

Other than the hardware requirements, there are some software requirements that will help the user in digitizing the record. There is a wide range of premium software for digitizing the vinyl records such as vinyl records, pure vinyl etc.

Some software can be purchased freely from online and some software requires money while purchasing. Than the free ones, the paid software offers various benefits and features and offer high-efficiency music. The important point to note about the software is, it should be compatible with all the versions of windows and Mac.

Digitizing Vinyl Records

After collecting the required hardware and software you can start to digitize the vinyl record. Digitizing vinyl records is a step by step process and the user should follow these steps while digitizing vinyl records.

  1. The first step is to clean the vinyl records and the record player. The turntable and the record should be cleaned completely to produce effective sound quality and records the things completely without any loss. Improper cleaning of records and turntable will cause various defaults and imperfection while digitizing.
  2. The second step in digitizing the vinyl records is the assembly. After cleaning the collected components, all the components should be assembled and connected. Avoid loose connection because it will affect your function to a great extent.
  3. The next step of digitizing is to start the software of digitizing. This can be done in the following ways.
  • Open the audacity software or the software you have for digitizing.
  • Select the correct input from the preference pane.
  • In audacity, software press exit button and then choose preferences.
  • Then choose to record in the device pane and then the line in the option to move again to the main menu.
  • Choose the correct record of your choice for recording. As per your preference, you can digitize the entire record or a particular portion in the record. After recording, you can easily stop it with the help of a yellow button. This button describes that you are going to stop recording.

4. After recording, the people often use to split tracks into their variety. This can be easily done with the help of audacity software. The various steps involved in this are listed below.

  • Click and drag the cursor to select the track you want to split.
  • After this select option track in the toolbar
  • In the drop-down menu click on add label at selection box.

5. After this name the track. This will effectively help you to split the tracks into many sub tracks.The next step is to export the file. After splitting the file and naming them, follow these steps to export them.

  • Click on the file option in the toolbar.
  • Click on export multiple options in the drop-down toolbar
  • Choose the file format according to your location and save the location.
  • Now fill the data in the popup menu and select the export option.
  • So the recorded music will be exported to the desired location of yours.

After exporting the music, transfer them to the prescribed devices and enjoy the music at your hands. You can export the music in iPods, mobile phones, and in all other MP3 devices.

Hope these steps will be useful to you for digitizing the vinyl record using a computer. If you have any doubts, comment it in the box given below.

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