How To Replace The Belt On Your Turntable?

The turntable is the best way to hear music using vinyl record. There are many important features and components in the turntable. Some important components of the turntable are plinth, needle, cartilage, tonearm etc.

Steps To Replace The Belt On Your Turntable

The platter is also an important component in the turntable and this platter spins at a constant speed to produce sound from the turntable. For spinning, the platter is connected to the motor.

Drive Mechanisms

Commonly, there are two drive mechanisms between the motor and the platter. They are direct drive mechanism and the belt driven mechanism. In the direct drive mechanism, the motor is placed beneath the platter and drives the platter without any interface.

In the belt-drive mechanism, the motor is placed on the side and it drives or rotates the platter with the help of a belt. All the two mechanisms are useful but, belt driven mechanism is commonly used in many turntables because it is cheap and easy.

Record Player Belt

Mostly, many older record players have a belt driven mechanism. The interface used between the platter and the motor is the belt. The motor drives the belt and this makes the platter spin for a long time. The belts used in turntables are usually made up of high-quality material that can withstand any conditions.

Operation Of The Record Player Belt

The major function of the belt used in the record players is the torque transmission. This belt rotates the platter effectively and helps the record player to operate accordingly. The belt also reduces vibration in the record player caused by the motor. As the belt operates continuously, it can easily wear down with time. So, the belts should be replaced for every 5 to 10 years.

Reasons Of Belt Damage

The belt gets damaged by time. The tension offered by the belt decreases by time and it starts to wear out. Sometimes, the belt becomes brittle and decreases its function in a periodic fashion.

The belt is made out of rubber and this rubber starts breaking down from the belt with time. Time is the important reason for the belt damage. Other than time, heat is also an important factor for belt damage.

The rubber used in the belt will not withstand heat and if the belt is exposed to heat for a long time then it will offer less efficiency and gets damaged in a short period of time. So, the belt should be checked and replaced periodically for maintaining the performance of the turntable.

Belt Diameter

Before replacing the belt, the first thing you need to look for is the belt diameter. The user should choose the belt according to the diameter of the belt used in the turntable. The common ways used to measure the diameter of the belt is with the help of a ruler.

After measuring the diameter of the belt, the user should choose the correct belt, which resembles the same diameter or the smaller one. The smaller one is preferred because it keeps the motor under tension.

Tips For Replacing The Belt

Replacing the belt in the turntable is easy and it can be done with the following ways.

Check Whether Your Record Player Needs Belt

Before assembling the belt, the first step is to check the record player; whether it needs a belt or not. This can be done by checking the effectiveness of the record and by the following reasons.

  • If the sound quality of the record is very less and the sound of the turntable is deeper or lower pitched, then you should need a belt.
  • If you find that the speed of the turntable has changed when the needle hits the record then you need to change the belt.
  • If there is any alteration in the running speed of the turntable, then the belt has to be changed.

Purchase A Suitable Belt

The next step is to purchase the suitable belt for your turntable. Only a few manufacturers of the turntable will provide accessories separately for turntables. Many manufacturers avoid selling accessories of the turntables. So for such turntables, the diameter of the belt should be measures and the user should search the belt with a particular size in the market. The selected belt should be durable and should withstand all climatic conditions and situations. Choose the proper belt that withstands all climatic conditions.

Disconnect The Power

The prior thing that should be considered before removing the turntable is safety. The power supply of the turntable should be set to null and the power cord should be disconnected from the electric plug. This ensures complete safety to the user from current. By unplugging the power supply, the user can easily perform their function without any distraction.

Remove The Plastic Mat

The records are placed on the surface of the turntable with the help of the plastic mat. For replacing the belt in the turntable, the plastic mat of the turntable should be reduced. This plastic mat supports the record when it is placed in it.

Remove The Platter

The next step for replacing the belt is to remove the platter. The platter can be removed by two ways. It can be removed by unwinding the clip from it or by the press and release function. The platter is a component on the turntable that has a belt in it. As soon as the platter is removed, you can see the belt beneath the platter.

Turn The Platter

The platter has the belt attached to it. So the platter is placed upside down on a flat surface to unwind the belt used. Another important advantage of removing the platter is it helps to clean the turntable completely without any dust.

Place The Belt

After removing the belt from the platter, the new belt should be placed on the platter. This can be done easily. First, the belt should be placed on the center hub of the platter. The next step is to move the belt along the platter as it fits correctly through the edges. First, fit the belt in the form of a round-bottomed triangle and then stretch the belt till it fits the platter correctly.

Place The Platter

After this step, place the platter back in position but don’t clip the platter. The platter is turned for a while so that the holes in the platter can be easily accessed by the access holes of the motor.

Grab The Belt And Hook It

The next step is to grab the belt from the platter and hook it along with the motor. This step is very easy and this method allows the platter to spin accordingly.

Test The Belt

Now, check whether the motor and the platter spins properly. Assemble all the accessories of the turntable and then check for efficiency. If your turntable has problems, then unwind it again and repeat the steps.

Hence, by following these steps you can easily replace the belt in the turntable. Try this and get efficient performance from your turntable. If you have any queries, comment it in the box given below.

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