TEAC TN-300 Analog Turntable- Review

Teac being an electronic company headquartered at Tokyo is a global company with several millions of customers across the globe. Over 30 years, they are into selling the musical products that arrange as simple as the magnetic recording device to that of the latest CD and DVD players. This is an article which reviews about one of the products of the TEAC Company; which is popular and best selling in recent times.

TEAC TN-300 Analog Turntable- Review

The looks

The product even though comes with a simple design; it is yet luxurious with its glossy finish. It looks stunning on the exterior with different colors that include; black, cherry, white, red and natural. It is affordable and offers good performance. With it looks, it attracts to purchase one that can match their interiors.

About the analog device

It is a turntable with a belt driven DC motor of high torque with a speed of 33 1/3 and 45 RPM. The rotation speed varies up to 2 % approximately. It delivers about 67 dB signal to noise ratio and has a platter made of die-cast aluminum of 12” which is coated with a rubber mat to protect from damages.

It is built with a static balance straight type of tonearm with a length of 8.8”/ 22.3 cm. It has a stylus pressure ranging from 0 to 5 g. It comes with a removable headshell which is mounted with the Audio Technica moving magnet cartridge and it also supports cartridges of 3.5 to 6.5 g to balance well.

The stylus is also of moving magnet type constructed with a bonded round shank of the Audio-Technica brand and is shaped elliptical with a pressure of 2.0 g. It is mounted at 0.5”/1.3 cm to provide a response to the frequency ranging from 20Hz to 20 KHz. It is capable of separating the channels at 1 KHz in a range of 20 dB .It also balances the channel at a range of 2.0 dB. It comes with a tracking force of 1.5 to 2.5 g at an angle of 20 degrees.

It is built with RCA analog output which is switchable between line and phono to be used in the phono preamps. Also, the RCA radio jacks are gold plated to be corrosion resistant.

The phenomenal features

The product comes with the several phenomenal features. On its exterior, it is made with a heavy MDF material as a cabinet which helps in reducing the vibrations. As it is finished with a multi-layered glossy piano coating, it looks to be a luxurious device.

As it is a belt driven turntable, it is made of the high inertia aluminum platter which is coated with the neoprene rubber in order to achieve a stable rotation. The spindle is made of polished stainless steel and the spindle holder being made with the bronze material to make it durable and provide accuracy.

With the help of the built-in phono preamp, the device is capable of connecting to the audio system of any type without using a separate input. Also, as it is provided with a USB output, it helps in transferring the data to the computer and to store them in a digital format.

With the help of the anti-skate mechanism, the device helps in tracking records accurately. Further, the presence of the manual arm lifter enables uninterrupted playback of the records.

TEAC TN-300 Analog Turntable

Key Feature: USB cord, MP3 mode, MDF, audio tracking.

Pros: dual speed tunable, heavy weighted, gloss coating layer.


To conclude, it is a turntable which is affordable and yet offers performance better than the other turntables. In general, people say that the product with looks does not offer functionality. But, the product looks great and is also functional.


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