Things You Need Before Creating A Vinyl Library

Record players and vinyl records are in use from the past. The combination of both vinyl records and record players will offer efficient music. Though they are from the past, many people still use vinyl records and record players for hearing music.

Things You Need Before Creating A Vinyl Library

Those people like to have a vinyl library in their homes. Here are the essential things that you need to remember before creating the vinyl library collection.

  1. Vinyl Record

Before starting the vinyl record collection, the first thing you need to know is the type and model of the vinyl records available in the market. The vinyl records differ in terms of sizes, models, speed, and weight.

Weight Of Vinyl Record

The vinyl records can be classified into three types based on their weight. The records released these days carry 180 grams weight. This weight in the vinyl record helps them to withstand all the wear and tear conditions and make them durable. Other than this, the vinyl records can have weight in the range of 120g to 160 g; these records are referred as fine records and lightweight records.

Size And Speed

The vinyl records can have different sizes and their speed depends on the sizes of the record. There are three different sizes in vinyl records.

  • 7-inch: This is the smallest size in the vinyl record and they offer 45 rpm speed.
  • 10-inch: This record also offers 45-rpm speed, but an old 10-inch record may rotate up to 75-rpm speed.
  • 12-inch: This is a full-sized vinyl record that rotates in the speed of 33-1/3 or 45-rpm speed.

So, select the correct vinyl record for your collection.

  1. Storage Place

The next important factor you need is the storage place. The storage place for the vinyl record should be safe and secure and it should not have any dust or dirt. The dust and dirt in vinyl records will affect the quality of the vinyl record. So, the place should be kept clean always. The vinyl records should be covered with dust free covers to keep the records safe from dust.

  1. Turntable

The next step is to choose the best turntable. Always, vinyl record collection is accompanied with the help of a turntable. A high-quality durable turntable should be used. The important features about the turntable are listed below.

  • The plinth or base of the turntable acts as the complete support for storing all the other components of it.
  • The platter is the spinning portion of the turntable and it is connected to the motor.
  • The motor drives the platter either by the direct method or by the belt driven method.
  • The tonearm is moveable and it contains cartilage.
  • The cartilage contains the needle and the thickness of the needle is less than the human hair’s thickness.
  • The needle is made up of the diamond tip and the tip is rounded.

Other than this, there are various types of turntable available in the market. They have different features and have many advanced inbuilt technologies. The advanced features of the turntable are USB port, Bluetooth, audio jack, CD disk, AM/FM radio etc., these advanced features support many persons.

  1. Pre-Amplifier

Some of the modern turntables have inbuilt preamplifiers and some others have a port to interface them with the preamplifiers. The preamplifiers play an important role in maintaining the sound quality of the system. Various uses of preamplifiers are listed below.

  • The preamplifier amplifies the output sound from the turntable.
  • They have the tendency to reduce the distortion and interference in the output signal.
  • The cost of the preamplifiers is very less. It can be used effectively.

Some built-in models offer preamplifiers with less quality. So, additional preamplifiers should be added to these turntables and it will increase the efficiency of sound.

  1. Speaker

Speakers are commonly used in the vinyl records for producing high sounds. Mostly, all the turntables have built-in speakers. Among them, some turntables have a speaker with very less efficiency. To avoid this, additional speakers are added to the preamplifiers, to increase the efficiency of sound. By adding speakers, the sound offered is high and the user can hear the music anywhere in the home. So, check whether you need a speaker and buy it before building a vinyl library.

  1. Conventional Feature

While buying a turntable, the user should choose the turntable with many conventional features. Some conventional features are USB interface and using audio jack. The USB interface allows you to convert the music into MP3 format with the help of a computer. The important advantage of this is that it saves the music for future use and also it can be moved to handheld devices such as iPod and mobile phones. The audio jack offers the user to hear the music in terms of headphone. So, get a turntable with these conventional features.

  1. Brush

The vinyl records should be cleaned properly and efficiently. Improper cleaning will affect the quality of the record. For this reason, the records should be cleaned with the help of the carbon brush before and after using the record in the turntable. The magnetic field and vibration of the turntable accumulate dust in the vinyl record and in the needle. By removing these dust, the records, and the turntable can be maintained durable. There are many types of carbon brushes available in the market.

  1. Cleaning Kit

The final step you should remember before setting up a vinyl library is the cleaning kit. A Cleaning kit is available in the market and with this kit the user can clean the vinyl record easily. Other than the cleaning kit, the user can use cleaning mat and various accessories for cleaning the device. The cleaning kit removes the dust completely and ensures efficient performance in the record. The record should be cleaned at least once in two weeks.

If you are aware of any other maintenance tips, write to us so that we will add them too.

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