Top 10 Mistakes By The User While Using Vinyl Records

Turntable is an important device that enables the user to play vinyl records. All kinds of music can be played using the turntable. Turntables are common all over the world and many people use this device for hearing the music.

Top 10 Mistakes By The User While Using Vinyl Records

While playing music using the turntable, many people commit mistakes. These mistakes will affect the efficiency of the device and the record. Some mistake may damage the turntable to a great extent.


The records should be placed properly on a turntable, and the tone arm should be adjusted perfectly for efficient sound performance. Commonly, two main factors affect the sound quality; they are the old records, which deteriorate with time and the improper handling of the records. Certain users make mistakes while using a turntable and few make a mistake in handling a record. Common mistakes among turntable users are given below in the form of cases.

Case I: Incorrect Queuing:

The common mistake found in many turntables is the incorrect queuing. Cueing records will affect the records greatly. Even a high-quality record may get affected with the improper queuing mechanism. Manual queuing should be done in a proper manner; though they are careful, some external factors will affect the cueing mechanism and this may easily break the needle in the turntable.

So, a clever way to avoid this is to use a cueing lever. This lever is specially designed to move the tonearm above and below. With the help of the cueing lever, you can easily place the needle at the desired place.

Case II: Taking The Needle Up And Down Frequently:

This is another important mistake accompanied with the wrong cueing method. In this, the user drops the needle frequently without knowing the effects of it. If a user picks up or drops down a needle, then the sound at a particular place gets faded and the region turns out to be sensitive.

To avoid this mistake, the user should use the cueing lever while picking up or dropping the tonearm. The user should be careful in removing the needle from the record. The user should try the maximum to remove the needle at the end of the record. Removing the needle in the middle will affect the effectiveness of the system.

Case III: Taking Out The Record From The Spinning Platter

The user should not remove the record suddenly from the platter. Some users, when they switch of the turntable, they remove the record suddenly from the spinning platter.  Such persons should avoid this and they should wait until the platter stops spinning. Removing records from the spinning platter may affect the quality of the records; it may also cause damage or scratch to the record.

Case IV: Using Vinyl Records With Bare Fingers

The next mistake in the list is using vinyl records with bare fingers. Many people touch the surface of Vinyl records with bare fingers while using them. This case is sensitive because this allows dust particles to stick on to the turntable. The hands of the users are prone to oil and when they use the records with a bare hand, oil will stick to them. This oil attracts many dust particles while spinning and these particles will easily penetrate into the grove. This will reduce the sound quality of the record. So, avoid using bare fingers while touching the records, if you use bare fingers; hold the records at the edges.

Case V: Record Cleaning

The user should clean the record before and after every use. This is because dust particles may get entered into the groove of the record before and after use. This dirt will reduce the sound quality of the record and the quality of the needle may get damaged with these records.

So, the record should be cleaned completely. While cleaning the record, the user should use a specially designed recorder cleaning mat or carbon brush for cleaning the record because they offer complete support and clean the records effectively.

Case VI: Using Soap Mixture To Clean The Record

As mentioned above, the record should be cleaned before and after using the record in the turntable. Added to this, the records should be cleaned weekly as it will remove the dirt completely. Generally, soap mixture is used to clean the record. This can be done by taking very small amount of soap liquid and a large amount of warm water. In general, the records can be cleaned with warm water or any cleaning liquid.

The common mistake made by the people while cleaning the records is the use of tap water instead of warm water. Normal tap water is not a good choice for cleaning liquid; distilled tap water is preferred by many users for cleaning the record. Other than that, special and prescribed solvents should be used for cleaning the records.

Case VII: Cleaning Turntable

As cleaning records is very important, cleaning turntable is also an important factor for maintaining the record. The dust gets easily attracted to the turntable with the magnetic field and vibrating motion. The dust gets stuck on the platter, stylus, and cartridge. This dust , in turn, sticks in your records and may affect the performance of the records.

Case VIII: Proper Maintenance Of Stylus

The needle of the turntable is commonly referred as a stylus and it should be cleaned and maintained properly. The needle is very small and is considered thinner than the human hair. So, for the proper and effective performance of the system, the needle should be checked and cleaned properly. A magnifying glass is commonly used to check the needle and the edge of the needle should be kept round always.

Case IX: Placing The Wet Record On The Platter

Many users commonly perform this mistake; they place the wet record in the platter. This should be avoided because this will reduce the function of the turntable and will damage the record completely. After cleaning the record, it should be placed in a clean place for drying and after that, the records should be used for playing.

Case X: Leaving The Record Out Of Its Sleeves

This is an important mistake done by the people while playing the record. Many people leave the record out of their sleeves while placing the record in its position. This should be avoided because the record will get severely damaged by placing them in such position. The user should be careful while placing the records.

These are the various mistakes committed by the users while using vinyl records on the turntable. Avoid these mistakes and make the records effective and durable. Hope this article is useful to you, if you have any queries, comment it in the box given below.

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