How To Use a Record Player?

Do you know “how to use the record player?”, if no, don’t worry. You have come to the right article.  A person has to use it in a proper way such that he/she can be able to listen to the music for long periods of time. Nowadays, the record players are being equipped with modern technologies. You should learn how to use the device.  One can read the instruction manual to  know its operation.

How To Use a Record Player

 After purchasing the record players, many of them are unaware of operating it. The following guide will help you to about, “how to  use a record player?”.

Lifting the Cover From the Record Player

To begin listening to the music on your record player, remove the cover from the device.  Do not place the dust cover under your player as it will damage the player. It is recommended to remove the dust cover from  the platter.

Power Up

Initially, you have to plug the record player on the power source. If your player holds an on/off switch, you should turn on the device. In some of the players, it is covered by the dust cover to protect the players. In those cases, lift the cover and then switch on the record player.

Placing the Disc on Platter

Carefully remove the selected record, and then place it on the surface of the platter, on your record player. If you do not do the operation in a proper way, the device may get damaged.  You are advised to keep the record flat on the platter, with the metal tip in the middle, sticking the hole; present in the spindle.

Playing the Records

In most of the modern record players, it is equipped to have the special feature like an automatic play button. Put the platter into motion. You can select the speeds by using the switch, or you can adjust the belt drive manually. While in the case of the automatic record player, the platter starts to rotate immediately, when the tone arm is being placed on it.


Store the records in a vertical position, similar to the arrangement of books in a shelf. Cases and crates are also recommended for safe storage. Don’t leave the record on the player, when not in use. Take away the record from the player immediately after usage, and keep it safe so that you can enjoy the music for the longest periods of time.

Before going to use the record player, you are advised to read the above instructions carefully. Did you find it useful? If yes, then write to us about how this article helped you to use your record player.

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