Vintage Turntable-Features And Best Products

The turntables are musical players, that reminds about the ancient memories, in many people. Though there are many innovative turntables, the vintage turntables rank high, with their look and effectiveness. Still, there are many people who like to hear music in a vintage turntable.

Vintage Turntable-Features And Best Products

The vintage turntables are the only turntables, whose value increases over time. These turntables allow you to play a specific music at a specific time. vintage turntables play LP records for several times.

Important Features Of Vintage Turntable

If you are new to buy a vintage turntable, then you should note the following facts and features of turntable before getting it from the market. The special features of the turntable include the following,


The plinth is referred as the base of the turntable. It becomes the basic foundation of the turntable, and it supports all the other features and functions of the device. Some turntable has a base with feet, and this offers stability. The base is commonly made out of wood, plastic or metal.


The platter is the rotating component of the device, and this is the place where the phonographs are placed. There is a mat surface between the platter, and the records, which offers grip to the record, and it also helps in reducing vibration. The platter is rotated with the help of a motor and the speed of the pattern should be set to match the cut off the record.


The tonearm is an accessory that is generally placed on the records. This arm has a needle that comes in contact with a record while playing. This arm is designed to maintain the sound and speed of the record.


The cartridge is referred as a housing support for the stylus, and the stylus is referred as the needle. The needle makes contact with the tiny sonic groove on the record. A slight change in the position of the cartridge brings out a great difference in the sound quality. Mostly, many of the cartilage needles are made up of ceramic with diamond tips.

Best Vintage Turntables

There are many types and models of vintage turntables widely available in the market, among them, the best ones are listed below.

Pyle PTT30WD Bluetooth Vintage Classic Style Turntable

Pyle turntable is a vintage turntable with classic style, and it has a built-in Bluetooth function. The Bluetooth device allows wireless music streaming, and it works efficiently with all your favorite devices. It works on three variable speeds, and it has a USB interfacing too. With this interfacing, you can easily connect any devices such as I-phones, android, etc., with MP3. There are built-in stereo speakers in this device, and it also has an AM/FM radio access with it. The tone arm is made up of high-quality material, and it offers complete support to the user.This device also offers auto-stop vinyl function, and easy to use front panel control.

Pyle PTT30WD Bluetooth Vintage Classic Style Turntable

Key features: Bluetooth, AM/FM radio access, built-in stereo speakers.

Pros: USB interfacing, auto-stop vinyl function and easy to use.

Gadhouse Brad Vintage Record Player 3-speed Turntable

This is a turntable record player that can be used for playing all types of vinyl records. This player is very easy to use and has a belt driven motor. This motor can be used in three variable speeds, and the speeds are chosen according to the vinyl records. Speakers and Bluetooth are the additional features of this device, and it is used to play steady and streamlined flow of music. This device also allows you to hear the music privately, with the help of an audio jack. The needle fits the phonograph perfectly and offers clean sound. This turntable vintage turntable also has a volume control phenomenon that helps to control the volume. The design of this player is very simple and is easy to use.

Gadhouse Brad Vintage Record Player 3-speed Turntable

Key features: Bluetooth, audio jack, and belt driven motor.

Pros: Easy to use, volume control and compatible.

Innovative Technology  3-Speed Vintage Suitcase Turntable

This is a vintage player with three variable speeds of operation. This variable speed will support all the types of vinyl records. This device is designed in the form of a suitcase, and it can be ported to various places. It also has the Bluetooth facility with it, and it becomes compatible with all the mobiles such as apple, android etc. This feature allows the music to play wirelessly, and the range is about 30 meters. The needle is diamond tipped, and it offers a high performance to the user. There are built-in stereo sets and audio jackets with this device. This device is available in various colors and it also has RCA output terminal.

Innovative Technology Nostalgic 3-Speed Vintage Suitcase Turntable

Key features: Bluetooth, RCA output terminal, and 3-speed operations.

Pros: volume control, portable and compatible.

These are the important features and best models of the vintage turntable. Choose the one according to your necessity and send us your valuable feeback about the article.

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