What Are The Accessories Of Turntable?

The Turntable is a device used for playing music. They originated late in the 19th century and are used till now because of its effectiveness and uses. This device is spread widely throughout all the places of the world.

What Are The Accessories Of Turntable

This device offers a high level of comfort to the users. Vinyl records or the phonograph is used in the turntable for playing records. These records store many types of audio and music recordings. Many people use those vinyl records for hearing the music. The common place for using vinyl records is the DJ.


Most of the people are aware of turntables but, only a few are aware of the accessories in the turntable. The accessories of the turntable offer a higher level of support to the user and it also helps the device to play the music effectively.

Plinth: Plinth is referred as the base of the turntable. All other components of the turntable are mounted with the help of plinth. The plinth is made up of aluminum or wood.

Platter: Platter is the rotating base of the turntable. The vinyl records are placed on the platter.

Tonearm: The tonearm is the place where the cartridge and the stylus are mounted. The stylus or needle acts as the important component for playing music.

These are the various important components of the turntable. These components require various accessories for performing various functions.


There are various types of accessories that contribute various additional features in the turntable. Some important accessories of the turntable are listed below.

Platter Mat

Platter mat is the mat used above the spinning platter. The platter mat is used to increase the sound quality by reducing the friction, avoiding static build-up, and reducing vibration. Another important feature of this mat is, it grips both the record and mat firmly without any distortion. This mat will help the turntable to maintain its performance. These mats are commonly made up of rubber, cork, leather etc.


The slipmat performs the function opposite to the platter mat. The slip mat is used in the turntable under cueing conditions. It reduces the cueing completely, and it allows the records to slip over the rotating platter. This mat is commonly used in DJ and offers cue and scratch function.

Record Clamp

The record is the stabilizing weight that fits completely in the spindle of the record player. These weights are used to maintain the stability of the vinyl record player for better tracking. Three clamping methods are used to place the records in the spindle. This clamp will offer benefit to the turntable while playing a thin, flexible record.

RPM Adapter

RPM adapter is used in many turntables as it will offer higher efficiency while playing. This is made up of plastic or metal and is inserted in the middle of the record.

Level Gauge

A precision bubble level gauge is used in some turntables. This gauge is used to level the turntable in a perfect position. Proper leveling will offer higher sound capability and resonance. This accessory will allow you to check whether the turntable is mounted in a perfect position or not.


The protractor is a common equipment used while setting up a turntable. The protractor allows the user to set the vertical tracking angle and the angle of the tone arm. By aligning the turntable with a protractor, the user can obtain better sound quality and effective performance.

Stylus Tracking Force Gauge

This tracking force gauge is used to measure the force in the stylus. This force determines the force applied by the weight in the cartilage and stylus. Maintaining this force will help the user to minimize the needle and vinyl record damage.

Isolation Feet

The isolation feet are used along with the record players and these feet has an excellent function. The important function of the isolation feet is to reduce the damping oscillation and to increase the sound quality.

Carbon Fiber Brush

The brush used for cleaning vinyl records is referred as carbon fiber brush. The carbon fiber brush works effectively by cleaning the bust and dirt in the vinyl records. They are used to keep the vinyl records safely without any damage.

Record Cleaning Pads And Kit

Other than the carbon brush, some people use record cleaning pads for cleaning the dust from the vinyl players. Some kits are also available in the market that cleans the records effectively and avoids the damage.

Needle Cleaner

The dust and the dirt present in the turntable will coat the needle. Using this needle will affect the sound quality of the system. The records and the stylus should be kept clean for obtaining the best and effective system. There are many stylus cleaners available in the market and the user should clean the needle with care.

Spin Clean Record Cleaner

Another important record cleaner used to clean the records is the spin clean record cleaner. The spin clean cleaner cleans the record completely without any dirt. This method has the special kit, cleaner, and brush for cleaning the record.

Microfiber Cloth

The common cloth used for cleaning the records completely is the microfiber cloth. This cloth will also clean the turntables effectively. It removes all the small dust and dirt particles from the records and turntable.

Dust Covers

There are many dust covers available for a turntable that covers the device completely. These covers keep the device safe from dust and help the device to maintain its efficiency.

Record Sleeves

The record sleeves are the outer cover that is used to protect the vinyl record from dust. This also protects the record completely and helps to maintain the quality of the record. They are available in various dimension based on the record.

Storage Boxes

The storage boxes are used by the people with many records. These boxes store the covered record safely without any damage. They maintain the records in an orderly pattern without any loss in their quality.

These are the various accessories used by the turntable and vinyl record. With these accessories, they offer excellent performance to the users. Hope this article is useful to you. if you like this article, share it with your friends.

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